Chart of Larnaca Bay


This chart may take a few minutes to load, but once it has you can scroll down and sideways.
We have made it large enough for you to read as it would be useless any smaller, however the quality is not brilliant.

The marina is between the two larger sections of "Anchoring prohibited" and two lights mark the entrance.

We received a letter on the 21st Feb 2001

I am writing to advise you that Admiralty Charts are proprietary to the UK
Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and as such are protected by Crown Copyright.
Under authority delegated by the Controller of her Majesty's Stationary
Office, the UKHO Copyright Section administers the Crown copyright in
material produced by the UKHO. We are also authorised to take steps to
prevent the infringement of Crown Copyright in such material.

We can find no record of your company having sought permission to reproduce
UKHO Admiralty Charts for web site display and we therefore conclude that
this act is an infringement of Crown copyright.

We must ask you therefore to withdraw this image from your web site
forthwith. You should complete the 'attached' application form in respect of
the Admiralty Chart reproduction and send it to the address below. We will
then give consideration to the grant of a copyright licensing agreement
which would legitimise your reproduction of UKHO Admiralty Charts.

So we are taking the image off, and have applied for permission.

Keep fingers crossed.

Well, we did receive a reply - it will cost us a small kings ransom, as publication by the little guys will cost the same as if we were Microsoft it seems. ergo no chart guys, sorry !


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