Awards, gotten and given


Firstly we would like to thank all the reviewers who gave us awards and encouragement, you will find them here, It is a great feeling to have someone else care about your hard work.
Whilst surfing ourselves, we found the urge to award a small token of our esteem to certain sites for having kept our attention for long enough to be unusual. So we decided to issue the
'Window on Cyprus Award for captivating content'

If you wish to nominate a site for it, please use the form below.
Do not be offended if you do not win it, it doesn't mean that yours isn't a great site.

You only win it if you mess up our day after viewing because of the time we just have to spend there, and the time we spend talking about it afterwards.
It is totally at our discretion.
So please, please don't send us nasty letters if you don't win it, it's not personal.
Good luck.


Please see our select winners here

20 years is a long time it seems and so many sites have just ' poof' disappeared.

Good luck to all and thanks for the effort and the input.

Please provide the following contact information if you wish to nominate a site for this award: Please do not just post spam link nonsense, it does get reported via I.P. to your provider.

Your  Name
Title of site
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Please enter a short description of the content of this site.
(30 words or less) Please do not enter your silly link adverts, they are not posted.

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Please copy the letters and numbers above in small case to the box below.


Thank you all so much for these awards
and the encouragement it has generated, many of them have been removed as the sites who awarded them no longer exist like Best of the Planet award from We were awarded a special Dmoz award but the category was removed and amalgamated into something else, so we were no longer entitled to display it.

This site is King of the Web

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This was a golden web award.

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We are very pleased to have awarded our ' Window on Cyprus Award for Captivating Content' to the following sites, we have linked to them and where necessary we have linked to what they once were instead.


TALES FROM THE P@TCH - This was our friend Mr Halloumi, the original blogger himself, the cockroach, a diatribe of glorious narkism which ran from 2000 until about 2003 when he ran off to Disneyland for a while. We have linked to a previous issue as now the link is to a different blog.

KARMA STORM  - Another site which has sadly closed down and has been snapped up by a worthless advertising conglomerate. We link here to the version of gorgeous ahead of its time graphic animation by Steve Bennett, courtesy of the wonderful wayback machine (which deserves an award all of its own).

Cyprus Mail - The daily newspaper from Cyprus.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet - Exactly. What you see is what you get.

Yeronisos Island Expedition Excavation of an island off the coast of Cyprus ruled once by Cleopatra and Ptolemy XII, one of the best preserved Ptolemaic sites to have survived outside of Egypt.

Moire Effect - the page can't be retrieved because it is being redirected to itself. (...sometimes this happens in the archive. Wayback are working on it - should we call it the Moire effect ?!)

Peer pressure CD - Captivating in as much a the colours are undeniably loud and noisy, the style is bereft, the whole thing is so 'beat you with the style of today' that it is difficult to look away!

Cyprus Alternative news and weather - What others fear to say, with just that little bit of satire thrown in.

Crystal Bay - Dedicated to solar natural living and more recently all the gismos and gadgets one can buy, well if that is what it takes to cultivate interest in sustainable living then count me in, how much for your daughter? It was

The Silken Tiger Fuzzy Frolics  This was the most amazing site we had ever seen. Unfortunately they changed it a few years ago and despite our pleas to publish the original as an archive site, to date this has not happened. The wayback machine could not or did not archive this glorious site and so it is lost to us.

Bob Cromwells rantings  
Toilets of the world - The loos of the world uncovered. Would not have thought it could be such a fascinating subject ! What is the most bizarre toilet you have ever been in?

Nature of Cyprus - An effort to educate Cypriots of both persuasions about 'the nature'.  Birds, mammals, plants, reptiles and shrooms (which account for a number of deaths due to miss recognition).

K Kyriakou - artist at work  - Kyriakos is an artist, he is a a member of the M.F.P.A (mouth & foot painting artist) as he has no use of his limbs. The fact that it takes him a lot more effort to produce his masterpieces is humbling and you would not know if he didn't tell you.

Mary's Cyprus - Bless her, Mary has been working on her site for a long time now, and as one of our earliest fans, we have to say that her taste is impeccable, after all, most of the Cyprus section is straight out of WOC


Thank you for Voting for us in the top Cyprus Sites .
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Last revised: October 26, 2022
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