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Date: 04/02/2023

Can only agree with the previous writer. Cyprus has real potential but the rotten attitude of the local population and total lack of collective responsibility for the common is preventing the nation from fully flourishing. There are tons of examples, but to name a few is how a Cypriot thinks it's okay to just throw trash around themselves, in the villages, in town, out of the car window or worst of all, throw your entire household into the first ditch your able to find. Likewise, the behaviour of never picking up trash that might have blown up on the sidewalk, on the contrary, you just round it and move on. A disgusting behaviour we Scandinavians thankfully do not have. For us, it goes without saying that we help each other. I think the EU should introduce tough sanctions against the Cyprus government when it comes to demands for cleanliness. Cypriots are cavemen sometimes. Last but not least, the arrogance and attitude, not least among employees in shops - especially young women is both palpable and very sad to see. In nine cases out of ten, you hardly get a welcome as a customer. Here I think the store owners should think carefully about who they employ and not park any idiot behind the till. "If you pay peanuts - you get monkeys" When you confront Cypriots about this phenomenon, which they are often quite alone about to this extent in 2022, you get the answer that the young employees do not think they are paid enough to work.. Then is it appropriate to apply to an industry where they avoid customer contact? However, I would say that shop staff are generally nicer in Nicosia than in the coastal cities. maybe the problem is rooted in insecurity, inferiority complex or disgust for other nationalities like Europeans, I don't know. On the contrary, both my wife and I feel that it is Africans (in colorful shirts) you sometimes come across who nowadays are both significantly happier and nicer, especially the guys, than Cypriots themselves. Then it should be added that I am a 40-year-old white man from Northern Europe


Date: 28 January 2021

Comments: Potentially Cyprus is a wonderful place - sunny, with great food, good beaches and beautiful mountains. However, I have to say that it's dirty and the bureaucracy is a nightmare. There's a lot of corruption too. A lot of Cyprus's problems stem from laziness and an unwillingness of Cypriots to take responsibility for their own problems. It seems that everything is someone else's fault, whether it's the Turks, Turkish Cypriots, British, Greeks or even the Americans. So the litter is the fault of the tourists, the island's division is due to the Greeks and Turks, the bureaucracy is the EU's fault, and so on. I have very mixed feelings about Cyprus and I'm wondering whether I should have moved here after all. Hopefully the summer and the end of Covid will bring out the positives.


Date:012 Aug 2019

I like Cyprus, but I am disappointed from mentality of local Cypriots - very rude and arrogant people, most of the time they don't respect others and won't help you if they cant profit from it. They are kind only when paid for it or when they need you (lack of staff in many hotels). Otherwise they don't give a f. This is my own experience, I don't want to offend anyone and I am not saying everybody is like this but everyone I met was.

Date:02 Jan 2012

Cypriots near me just thieve and pinch anything that isn't nailed down.
They are a lazy people and need a boot up the arse. For country in serious financial crisis, they don&'t seem to want to work themselves out of it.
I regret being posted here and can't wait for my time to be up, then I can leave this armpit of a country behind.

Mistress' comments: It must be something they learned from the Brits, back in '65 when they even nicked the curtains from the loo. We all share our cultural exports these days - war, resource theft, genocide and torture - what's better in the UK?

Date:18 Oct 2011

We liked Cyprus
we went on a package holiday and hired a car for 9 days. It was a bit sad that it was so hard to find people who will hire cars and allow you to go to the north, and the tour guide on the one trip we did take to the north gave so one-sided a view to be laughable, when you consider how difficult the problems are.
The buses are cheap clean and frequent for some trips - to the outlying villages it's the one a day, just like rural England.
Away from the tourist traps the country is lovely, and we do recommend the mountains - take a night in a hotel there and spend two days up there.

Mistress' comments:  Glad you had fun. Car hire from may allow cross border hire.

Date:02 June 2011

We are staying in a villa in sandy bay, Ayia Napa.
We have 3 children and I am worried that it will be full of young people drinking and throwing up every evening.

Mistress' comments:  Wow, big question ! The answer is : I suppose it depends who is staying near you. Unfortunately the youth culture of today seems to think it is ok to get paralytic. I can't tell you it will not happen in front of your kids, but depending on how old they are (wouldn't make a difference to me personally) but I would use any obvious bad behaviour to show my kids how not to perform when they reach the magic age when they are allowed to poison themselves with impunity. I do hope you have a good time. x

Date:02 June 2011

Like Cyprus very much but was disappointed to visit the Mekadeion Theatre band find such poor facilities. One of the nice things about going to a concert is the time to meet in good surroundings. The Orchestra was wonderful and soloist a delight but Oh what about the toilets. Please try to help the people who visit Cyprus for the cultural events not only the sun.
Yours in anticipation
R Beveridge

Date:02 June 2011

hi, love the site I lived in Cyprus for four years (1988-1992) while living in Cyprus we visited all the great ruins castles and churches, even as a child at the time was fascinated with all the history linked to Cyprus. lovely to see that the tourism hasn't ruined the island and am planning to return next year with my own children , love the photos on this site brings back lots of fun memories, keep up the good work , lv Clair x

Date:23 September 2010

Nice informative site written in a friendly way. Always wanted to see Cyprus as I have flown over it many times.
I am from India Am planning a ten day holiday.
We have two kids one aged ten and the other three.
Wondering if there is enough to keep them occupied. Also if we want to hire a car, is it the UK side of driving or the French side.
What are visa conditions.

Mistress' comments: Hi there. Thanks for the comments, however there is no French side ! Oh, you mean do we drive on the left or right.. Left. Same as the UK. There is plenty to keep kids occupied. Visa requirements are covered in the Visa section, but always make sure with your travel agent before travelling. Enjoy.

Date:25 October 2010

Can you tell me please if cash points are readily available in Cyprus ?

Mistress' comments: Yes indeed.

Date: 08 March 2010

Thanks for putting my job wanted profile online!

I don't just like it I LOVE IT!

Date:03 January 2009

I Like you, for sure :) Anyone who has a nice thing to say about Cyprus is a friend of mine. Spent much of my life in England and love going back to my roots in Cyprus to spend time with family and friends. Relaxing up in the mountains or having a good time on the beaches and in the bars, its all good.
Good job on the site *thumbs up*
Just a quick thought, I go hunting sometimes when I’m over there, would be nice if you mentioned it somewhere, thanks.
P.S. When in Cyprus restaurant ask for 'Meze';)
Best regards,

Mistress' comments: Oh boy - you're not going to like me for long I'm afraid - you obviously didn't read the 'hunting' section. Or should I say the anti hunting section,  full of grown men in full battle dress, stalking small mammals and birds - shame on you, can't you afford the pork? (actually, truth be known, (and it looks like it's going to be) I think that is a liberty too - we add insult to injury by not even letting them live as they were designed too - we are supposed to take care of the animals that are left, not exterminate, maim and torture them. Fat hope the planet has really ! Off the soap box - Thanks Zen!


Date:12 November 2008

Our son is getting married 29/05/2009 in pathos he is staying at the Louis
imperial hotel can you please advise me if there are any villas for renting
very near to the hotel there are about 15 going to the wedding so a few
villas are needed (must be within walking distance)

Mistress' comments:  Hi, Yes, there are plenty of villas, you can see many of them at and more still at You may also wish to consider renting a small apartment complex with a pool, that would mean that all the guests could congregate together in a common area specifically private to your party, see some options at Have a great wedding in Cyprus, and if you need help with any of the arrangements see also our Cyprus wedding site.

Date:2 November 2008

As a resident of North Cyprus it is nice to see that things are as chaotic
as up here !!!!!!
Mistress' comments: I always thought it was a good thing that the North at least was not being overly developed - seems that is changing!

Date:18 March 2008

I thoroughly enjoy going through your pages and have found them very useful as we are in the process of buying an apartment in Paphos. I was also very interested in the pages about Cyprus wines and would like to know more?? also are there smaller vine yards that do tastings and if so could you give me some information please. We have gone to many wine tastings in France Italy and Spain so are genuinely interested Kind regards Jane Hughes

Mistress' comments: Hello Jane =- Yes, we have started a wine specific site at so do keep your eye on it, all contributions of content are welcomed.

Date:8 August 2007

Love the site - very well-written and pleasant to read. Am in the process of buying and will be out to stay in the next few years, so your site will be invaluable.
Then I'll have time to maybe search for some family as my father was from Lefkosia, so I'm told!

Date:6 August 2007

we are off to Cyprus in 3 weeks staying in Sandra apartments Protaras does any one know if I can buy gluten free food there have a little boy who can't eat anything with wheat or gluten it (coeliac disease)
many thanks

Mistress' comments:  Hi, yes, I have noticed in our local supermarket in the whole foods section, plenty of gluten free products such as pasta, buckwheat pancake mix etc. Should be the same in Protaras if you try a big supermarket. If not, give us a call and we will get something sent up to you.

health food and wholefood shop in cyprus

Date:4 August 2007

I'm glad I found your website!!
I'm moving to Cyprus (initially, renting in Paphos area, whilst looking for our dream home ... Tala area)
Interesting to read that someone who calls a nappy a diaper is glad to be leaving after 3 years .. and that the Cypriots don't like the British ... I'm in trouble then!!
Love the website, will revisit!
Mistress' comments: I have watched a succession of both Brits and Charlie's (Returning British Cypriots) move to Cyprus and then leave again after a year or two, either having been fleeced of the small fortune they had amassed running a fish and chip shop in the UK or deciding that the 'system' here was not quite as they expected. To say that the Cypriots do not like the Brits is not quite true. It is a fact that whenever I have complained whilst being bamboozled in a queue, the first comment is always 'go back to England if you don't like it.' but there is an inherent fondness for the Brits in many ways - I have also noticed that now Cypriots are able to employ Brits, that many do, and in the tradesman (plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators) sectors, Cypriots are having to clean up their act to compete - no longer is it acceptable to make a huge mess whilst fixing a problem and leaving it there for the employer to clean up.

Date:23 July 2007

hi me and my boyfriend are going to Ayia Napa for the first time for his 18th birthday in march. can you tell me if it is busy at this time of year? thank you

Mistress' comments: Nope, sorry but you may be disappointed if you think that Napa will be heaving at that time - unless something changes drastically before next March it will, as usual, be quiet in March, with most night life closed. There will be some bars and restaurants open, but not many.

Date:7 May 2007

Could you please add in a section about the banknotes & coins of Cyprus? It would help familiarise visitors with what they look like before coming to Cyprus.
Mistress' comments: Great idea, we do have a small section on currency and an exchange tool, however as it looks as though we are going to change to the Euro in January 2008 I suppose we had better find out about the new coinage. Thanks.

Date:25 April 2007

hi im off to Cyprus in 2 weeks for a week (the 6th to 14th of may) i just need to know what the weather is usually like then? thanks a lot!

Mistress' comments:  You can find the weather, past present and possibly future at our weather page. Interesting section on the Coptic winds too, thousands of years of the dates for these gales being the same, they even have names. In nearly 30 years I have never known them be more than 2 days out!

Date:1 Feb 2007

What a very interesting site there's so much to read, brilliant work.

Mistress' comments: As always, thanks for the encouragement (:o))

Date:25 Jan 2007

Thanks for such a wonderful website and recommended ones. As a previously
stressed bride to be I now know which part of Cyprus to marry in and the
time of year. Thanks again for all of your information, a very informative
website and well presented.

Mistress' comments: Glad you found it useful -  has all the peripherals you could need, as well as the added bonus of me to do your flowers should you choose to wed in Larnaca (:o))

Date:24 October 2006

Have you visited the North yet mistress?
How will Cyprus change if, when it is United?
Will it be cheaper when Cyprus takes the Euro for us from the UK?
Great site great place.

The place seems to be excellent climate wise. Are there good universities for post graduation / MBA etc. for international students? what about the job prospects for foreigners?

please reply to

Mistress' comments: I visited the North twice. Once to have dinner with friends at their house in Kyrenia, where we just drove there and back in the evening, and once where we went to wander around Nicosia town. Fascinating, it was rather like going back 30 years on the south side. The visit to the barbers shop was the best. Burning the residual cheek hair (not as painful apparently as plucking it out with a twisted piece of string in Egypt) We met many who were happy to reminisce about 'the good old days when both sides lived in peace.'

Date:27 September 2006

There was no civil war in Cyprus, there was a Turkish invasion in 1974 but not a civil war. Most Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots were living together in peace before 1974, there were however several tensions between nationalist Greek-Cypriots (EOKA B supporters - wanted union with Greece) and nationalist Turkish Cypriots (TNT supporters - wanted splitting of the island and union with Turkey) .

After the 1974 invasion the Cypriot government took the Turkish Cypriot properties under its protection and no one can actually buy Turkish Cypriot property in the south without the consent of there TC owners, or you can rent it from the government. Actually, the government used the TC property to provide a shelter for the 1974 refugees that lost their homes as a result of the invasion.

In the North things are different. Turkish Cypriot and foreign estate agents started manipulating, selling and using Greek Cypriot property without the consent of their original owners. This is against international and European laws and their original owners could place a law suit against you.

In fact many Greek Cypriots managed to win court cases against the Nation of Turkey, Turkish Cypriot estate agents as well as against foreign (including British) buyers.

A recent case is the Orams (or something like that(?) family case.

Date:14 September 2006

Cyprus will enter the 'uro money!' as you put it in a year or so, faster than any other recently accepted into the EU  country. Romania, Bulgaria, from, Albania, Serbia, Ukraine etc. are in Europe but are less 'European' than Cyprus. And if non-European means security, stability and leaving your car and doors unlocked then yes we are not European.

Moreover, did you say something about dirty beaches ? Have you visited LONDON lately? Well it smells like s**t. In London, people are pissing on the pavements, THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN CYPRUS!

Date:14 September 2006

Cyprus was rated as one of the top in terms of financial stability and organisation among the new countries that entered the European Union. Moreover Cypriot beaches were rated by many institutions and travel agencies as some of the best in Europe.

Like in every other country there some problems. However I do reject your comment that Cyprus does not belong to Europe, at least in terms of culture. As the majority of the Cypriot population is of Greek ancestry and as the history and culture of Cyprus is greater than the history or culture of Great Britain then none can suggest that the nation of Cyprus belongs to either the middle east or Africa as none can suggest that the British introduced Cyprus to Europe. (That's another chapter that will take numerous pages to write)

Date:08 July 2006

Good site - best I've found. Liked your history of Cyprus page - informative yet informal.

Date:11 April 2006

Great site. My ancestors came from Lefkara, Cyprus in approx the year 1900. My great grandfathers name was Adamos Pashoukos. Any info in regards to the name Pashoukos would be much appreciated. My family seems to alone posess the name in the U.S.
Thanks in advance,
Peter Pashoukos

Date:13 March 2006

We are planning a holiday in the Protaras area. Are there any Bed & Breakfast places available? and I love you website.  Thanks for you info.


Mistress' comments:  See  for the only actual bed and breakfast establishment I know in the whole of Cyprus ! We only found out it was bed & breakfast because someone complained as they (and we) thought it was self catering.

Date:20 Feb 2006

Its ah-maz-ing! 3 words

Date:25 Nov 2005

It just occurs to me that I may have never thanked you for our fishing
. Shame on me if so. Eddie and Rod were fantastic guides and nice human
beings. I will happily recommend you all when the occasion arises and
certainly you can use my name for any prospective tourist.. Cordially,

Date:20 October 2005

Hi very nice website !

Can one practice naturism in Cyprus without having to join any specific club ?

Mistress' comments: Hi.. No clubs that we know of, also no naturism either that is officially allowed, Just find a nice quiet beach and don't advertise .....

Date:28 July 2005

My dear friend of 24.07.05
I was sorry to read about so many things which bother you. No country is perfect as I realised while studying in Europe, and certainly no country which became independent in the past 45 years or has similar political problems with Cyprus. I understand many of the things you said and some I don't like either, but Cyprus is not just the driving or beach lions.

Do you know the definition of European? I don't think so. Does it mean killing millions of people or exploiting people because this is largely what Europeans (maybe from your country) have practised until very recently.

I'm glad to hear that you are off to a place better than Cyprus, a place that will be making you less angry.


Date:24 July 2005

Just thought that I would add a few comments, as it seems that not many have
been here lately! We are leaving Cyprus after 3 years. Will miss: the safety
and security. For the most part, we don't lock up, the car is open, my tools
are outside; my wife can walk in the evening. OK men may ask if she wants a
ride, but accept a no. On the beach, a beach-lion may say: I want to make
love....but these are not dangers, just minor irritants, or
opportunities...depending on your mindset! Easy-going lifestyle for the most
part. Lovely weather 8 months out of the year. 2 months too hot, but OK and
2 months less nice with rain, but the plants need it, we need to drink and
bathe and everything turns green and flowers are everywhere. Some nice
people, trusting and if you make half an effort, easy to meet.

Dislikes: There are too many VIPs. What? Yes; people who will park blocking
the road, instead of walking 25 meters, people who drive on the wrong side
of the road (CYPRIOTS!!!!!) because there is a bend and it is easier, people
who are strong enough to carry full bottles and beer cans to the beach, but
are overcome with weakness while there, and cannot carry the empties away
again. Even filled nappies (diapers) are too heavy .... and get left on the
beach! ...or along the road, in the mountains, by the lakes.

All in all, if you think of Cyprus as "Europe," you may be depressed. But if
you think of it as Africa or Middle-East, then you will say that it is the
most organized country in Africa or the Middle East. Frankly, Cypriots are
confused about this. They think they are in Europe, but distain the British
influence....which is what makes them at part of Europe at all! Without the
British history (I am not a Brit) they would have still been a backwater in
Turkey. Look at a map.....Cyprus is NOT in Europe...not even on the Euro

So it has been interesting!



Hi there... NO mention of the Northern Part of Cyprus... if you would like any info let me know ok... best regards... Stefan. Kyrenia. 

Mistress' comments: Quite right, This is a site about the Republic of Cyprus. We also don't have information about Greece or apples. 


I am planning a holiday in Cyprus this coming May. I am going to stay there for 8 days 7 nights. I don't plan to stay at one place throughout my stay and I have roughly decided on an itinerary which I would appreciate your comments - I will arrive at Larnaca thus my trip will roll out from there, so it goes.. Larnaca (drive to Nic for a day trip) - Lemessos - Pafos - Troodos - Larnaca. I love beaches which is why i have chosen the above coastal route. Is 8 days enough for this route or am i spending too much time along the coastal line? I am spending 2 nights at each places except for Troodos which i will just put up one night before driving back to Larnaca the next day to catch a flight. Your comments and advice is greatly appreciated... thanks!

Mistress' comments: Sounds like a nice trip, but if you love beaches I would say the ones to see are in Ayia Napa/ Protaras (that lovely sandy blue water kind ) and perhaps Latchi and Polis area, the quiet forest down to the beach kind. Have a great holiday in Cyprus.


hi was up tis site is a little stale n need to live it up wit information lik Cyprus flag national anthem population capital were is Cyprus located
Mistress' comments: Quite right, we don't even know if there is a new flag, we get our information over population etc from the government so you go figure :-)


Could anyone tell me about the Blue Crane in Limassol as I am thinking of booking for Aug

Mistress' comments:Please see  where you will find information and prices for the Blue Crane. If you want an opinion or feedback on these hotel apartments please e-mail 



Mistress' comments : There is an old Chinese blessing/curse which says 'may you live in interesting times'. We certainly don't wish that their visit will punctuate the long history of catastrophe which marks the island, but maybe show them the now ruins that were once thriving centres, such as Khirokhitia, Curium and Salamis to give them an idea of the timeline of myth and mahyem. Enjoy.


hi, ive just booked a holiday in Cyprus, were going to Protaras on may 1st. does anyone know how hot the weather will be at this time, will it be really hot, also, were going to be staying at the Vangelis. Anyone who's been there, is it good?

Mistress' comments : For information on the weather please see  
We hope you have a great time :-)


Thank you for very fine web. sites. I like very much your friendly way to write and the lay-out as well. Sitting here in the cold Norway I look forward to visit Cyprus again in April. I have only one problem - snakes. Are there many and are they big or very dangerous in any way. Is there a big chance of meeting them ? Wesp

Mistress' comments : Don't worry, it is very unlikely you will see one. We do have a species of viper, but they are hard to find.


Hi im from Uk do you have any idea where I can buy lanitis lemon squash?

Mistress' comments :  Any supermarket in Cyprus ! I take that for my sister when I go to the UK. Try


hi, ever since 11/01/04,i have been unable to access your sidereal website. today is 12/29/04.did you decide to discontinue it?

Mistress' comments : Sorry for the inconvenience but Pete, our astrologer has gone walk-a-bout, so if you are out there Pete, please could you let us know if you are ok. Meanwhile, honest astrologer wanted.

Date:29 December, 2004

i have been to Cyprus and stayed at the Atlantica hotel for two weeks and it was the best time of my life it was perfect i had a right lot of fun and i never ever got bored are got sad it was the best place i have ever been so please put this on the log as i would ensure to anybody if you want to go on holiday then go there it is the best place on the whole earth love Michael

Mistress' comments : Glad you had a nice time and anyone else interested in the Atlantica Hotel please see 


Brilliant site, was in Cyprus couple of weeks ago for first time, cant wait to go back there


I'd just like to say I really liked your website, especially as it is the only site on the web where you can find decent information on the country, seeing as my whole geography project would have failed if I hadn't come across this page!!! And also, being an English born Greek Cypriot, it was nice to see all your hard word poured into a website over the little country, and I'd call it more than just a window on Cyprus!!

Thanks again, Rena xx

Mistress' comments : Thank you Rena, what a nice comment.


I would like to say I am very impressed with the website and think it portrays Cyprus in the best possible way!


Hi, I truly enjoyed your page. I'm going on a vacation to Cyprus in November. My question is: Do they have a problem with dogs there? I saw the problems in Italy and it just so sad. I'm afraid, I wouldn't enjoy it there, I would probably run around and feed the poor dogs. Can any of you give me information about the mentioned problem?

Thank you!

Mistress' comments : The attitude towards dogs and other pets has changed dramatically over the last 10 -15 years (thank goodness) It is nowhere near as thoughtless as it used to be - that notwithstanding, you will see hungry looking hunting dogs in the right season, the rest of the year they are tied up in small pens, pointing out the cruelty of this to the owners may seem a waste of time but attitudes will only change by education and your input is both valuable and welcome.


Thank you for an interesting site detailing the various options available in Cyprus. However, we are invited to a wedding in Cyprus, where the groom's mother and father are not together and the wedding is being held in Cyprus. In the UK mother and father of the groom or bride sit together regardless of their current marital situation. Therefore can you give me some information as to where in the Church should the mother and father of the groom sit?

Thank you.

Mistress' comments : The groom's family sit on one side of the church, the bride's on the other - I think within those boundaries it would be up to them, but do enquire at 


any nude beaches near Fig Three Bay???

Mistress' comments : There are no official nude beaches in Cyprus, but word of mouth ones do exist throughout I am told.


Can anyone tell me what the Kama Apartments are like in Pernera near Protaras, I've searched the web and i can't find much on them? Any info on the area would be appreciated. Thanks. L

Mistress' comments : Hi, as we usually say - ask Zak or look here.


Hi there again, Its me Husein. Rawji. Have visited the whole of your WEBSITE and indeed it is very BEAUTIFUL and well programmed. I would suggest to you to add the GEM&JEWELLERY section which is missing in your SITE, I do believe that in CYPRUS you do have your CUSTOM/FASHION jewellery and i guess that has to be advertised because everyone loves jewellery, also there should be adverts where as one can buy the Jewellery. I hope u will understand what i mean and take my advice for the Jewellery adverts because i have taken a lot of pain to look for The GEM & JEWELLERY section in your WEBSITE and even tried your Chat Room but could not find anything. Thanks Regards. Husein.Rawji.

Mistress' comments : Hi Hussein - we do have one guy we think is very talented in Larnaca, see here for your discount voucher ! 


Brilliant web site but I can't seem to contact anyone about the coarse fishing in Cyprus. My email address is

Thanks Tony Carter
Mistress' comments :  Hi Tony... did you try the enquiry form at - Happy fishing and don't forget to put them back with care (:o))


I'm really glad I found your website as we are visiting Cyprus on the 11th August for a two week family holiday. This is the 3rd time we've been as we love Cyprus. I was reading some tourist information a few weeks ago on another website and was really interested in visiting the turtles, but after reading your comments it made me think and I honesty didn't realise we'd be making life difficult for them. So thanks for the advice and I hope other people take it into account as well! Kim - United Kingdom
Mistress' comments : So glad you took it on board (:o)) Thank you.


wonderful site, the best I've seen for any other country. thanks so much.


Excellent site. We are looking at going to Protaras in a friends private villa in October. We were wondering how many things are still open at that time of the year and are there any waterslide parks or anything for children. I saw on the site that it rains a fair bit in October do you tend to get a quick downpour and then it is warm again. Many thanks Maria
Mistress' comments : October is a wonderful month here and most things are open at least until the 15th.


As per a previous enquiry - we are looking for places where there may be snorkelling ? We will be based in Pissouri.

Mistress' comments : As we are an island there is an abundance of snorkelling all the way round... see here for some options.


My Fiancé and I absolutely adore Cyprus and are looking to move there in the next few years. This website is really informative and a great help in planning the holiday we will be taking to our favourite island in less than 2 weeks. I'm sooooo excited!!! Amz Giltrow, Bristol


hi, i have been visiting Cyprus for 14yrs. for the past 18months i have been there every month, well have decided to go and live there. England has nothing to offer, Cyprus has everything, friendly people, relaxed life. one thing i could not find on your web page is 'passing your driving test in Cyprus'. my oldest son [19] wants to take his test in Cyprus, can you help? Cyprus is truly a wonderful island.

Mistress' comments : Ask the helpful people at - I know they will point you in the right direction.


Very nice and informative site. Were looking for some info on snorkelling. See that there seems to be god diving sites, but if you just want to stay on surface. Are there any coral reefs, fish and stuff?


Hi mistress U lot didn't win Eurovision again lol 8>)

Back to there being two types of homosexuals in Cy, which is the one that's acceptable and why? Neither are accepted as an alternative lifestyle to Hetrosexuality and are both frowned on.

Mistress' comments : Please continue your research at  - it is changing.


We think this is a good website and the words that run across the screen are cool!!

From Lisa and April


My family and I have been going to Cyprus for many MANY wonderful holidays for over 18 years now, we have a place in a lovely village called Pervolia, I'll be going with my boyfriend on Wednesday this week and we just can't wait to get back out there again ! It's a relaxing place, the people there certainly know how to truly LIVE.... they make you very welcome. I'd recommend it to anyone.


I was very impressed by this web page, thank you


I always had the feeling that Greek people can be very stubborn and egoistic. The referendum in Cyprus on reunification made that clear. I am happy that I moved out of Europe, if countries like that join the European Union the whole thing doesn't make sense anymore. Maybe Cyprus should have been forced by the EU to unite, making the reunification a must before joining. Payback time will come, there will be no goodwill for this Cyprus in the European Union, they better cooperate or face some very stiff wind. Funny, that democracy once came out of Greece?. I have more sympathy towards the Turkish part now, for the first time.

Stephan Lindenfeld, Singapore

Mistress' comments : In my experience people from any nationality can be stubborn and egoistic. The referendum was on a 9000 page document which it seems no one had read - so a simple yes or no vote represented optimistic acceptance or fearful protest. Stiff wind has been blowing at the islands shores for thousands of years - let us hope that the matter can be settled by the people for the people and not just imposed by those who should have stood by their guarantor duties in the first place.


Hi there, I think you have made me fall in love with Cyprus just by reading your web page! Which is not a bad thing at all!.! I hope to visit during the month of May. But, I would like to ask I am on a Croatian passport do I need a visa?? Keep up the good work - need for tourists maps on the website. Many tks, Tania.



Mistress' comments : Glad you like the site. The best area for you could be the worst nightmare for me, as we're all different.......thank goodness!! For general information on the best area of Cyprus for you go to and click on any of the town names.


we are currently wanting to leave the uk and set up with a business in Cyprus. we would like some help and advice but seem unable to get any here in the uk and wondered if you could put us in touch with anyone who could help

Mistress' comments : Take a look at should be helpful to you.


Could anyone give me information on the Rising Star apartments as we go there in July 04. K

Mistress' comments : The best place to look is have fun :-)


I love it it's the best Cyprus site i seen so far.


We are going to Paphos this weekend with a large party. The information on your pages has been very helpful. However the cruise we are taking to Egypt is not mentioned, which I find strange.



Hello! I am writing a novel set in Cyprus in 1997 I can't remember exactly when the MacDonald's opened in Larnaka - can anyone remember? Don't want characters eating in a place that was not even there! Jimmy


Im Moving to Cyprus at the end of May if any Bars or Clubs looking for a Dj in Larnaca or Ayia Napa please contact me by email. Details... Name...john michael (aka Dj Nuggs) Age...31 Music....Uk Garage, RnB & HipHop Website.... Dj'ing since 1995


Hiya I would like to say a BIG thank you, this site is great, your effort's are appreciated so much so I have booked a holiday in Paphos with my family we will be going in August. Luka Laura Beach Hotel is where we will be staying has anyone been there? it look's really good. Thank you once again. cyrilgreenacreAThotmail,com :o)


Stayed at the Louis phatheon beach hotel in dec 04. Staff were excellent, helpful ,polite and friendly. Hotel is exquisite, very clean, food gorgeous and they have a wide choice for vegetarians. So we had one of the best holiday's ever.


Could anyone please give me any info on the Rising Star Apartments in Protaras which are being built at the moment next to the Golden Star Apartments as we travel there in July 2004???? Tom



My wife and i are thinking of Cyprus for our holiday this year, having been to 8 of the Greek islands....but where to stay??-- we want a resort and apartment which is fairly quiet - any recommendations? peter

Mistress' comments : The best to look is or I hope you have a great time :-)


could you give my any information about the hotel being built at the side of the imperial beach hotel Paphos. we travel there in July and been told that the new hotel should be completed in September. for 2 years running we have stayed in the Louis ledra beach hotel brilliant, but now its gone all inclusive which as put us off staying their. so as anyone stopped in the imperial hotel and can tell me anything about it thanks


wonderful site very informative been looking at property pages with a view to possible purchase in a few years. how often are homes for sale updated or removed ???someone puts a lot of time and effort in here hope you are appreciated.

Mistress' comments : Many thanks for your kind words. For info on property for sale see which was updated regularly.


I think it is great I live in the US my husband is from Cyprus it is fun to talk to people from a different place


actually, the Turkish soldiers in the north are not there legally, they have been condemned and told to withdraw many times by the United Nations, the whole of the world see's Turkish troops on Cyprus as occupiers, what turkey see's them as are irrelevant.



Cyprus and again Cyprus. I am a Greek Cypriot and i am studying in London. I miss Cyprus very much and id like to be there every single moment:(( av


being a naturist i thought i might get some info on beaches but no joy, still looking forward to our visit though....oh and great site otherwise, keep it up.
Mistress' comments : There are no official naturist beaches - in fact we think it is illegal to strip off fully - however many are topless and on the street info will tell you where the unofficial ones are.


North side of Cyprus is the pits compared to the south side. It is disgusting what they have done and how they have left it. I know a lot about Cyprus, I am English but Cyprus is my homeland, okay so the Greeks aren't perfect but at least they keep their country clean, fresh and beautiful. Imagine another country taking your house and home and then some time later having to pay ?10 and show a passport just to go back and see it - disgusting!!!!



Really like the Website. I have a real passion for Cyprus & the Website brings the place alive for me. My advice to people if you are thinking about a visit to Cyprus Don't just think about it do it. I did just that twelve years ago & find it hard to find anywhere else in the world that matches up & believe me I have travelled. The people are extremely friendly. The food is fabulous & the place is beautiful. You would honestly be hard pushed to find anywhere better.

C Winchester Glasgow Scotland


North Side of Cyprus is occupied by Turkish Cypriots and Turk from Turkey who live very peacefully. Unlike what some Greeks, including so called Mistress promotes here, streets of North Cyprus is full of good people and NOT soldiers with their tanks or guns. Turkish army is in Cyprus according to International Law as it is now being accepted by the rest of the world. It would be nicer to say nice things if you wish to promote peace and convince people of that without bias.

Mistress' comments : I am sorry - we are not in the propaganda business.
The whole world is full of 'good people' and 'bad people', I do not think you will find that we have presented anything but the facts.


North Side of Cyprus is occupied by Turkish Cypriots and not illegally. Would be nice if you removed the first sentence of your home page and concentrate on nice and peaceful things

Help peace in the world without unprecedented hatred.
Mistress' comments : It would be better if you read the first page. The second page says

'it is an island divided by a green line, with a Greek speaking and a Turkish speaking population, and a United Nations presence to "keep the peace".  These pages are about the Republic of Cyprus , the Greek speaking side.. The "other " side is illegally occupied by Turkish troops.'  This still holds true.


I don't know how anyone can say Cyprus is expensive. We go to a Cypriote restaurant in Glasgow and it can cost ?80 for a meze, two spirits/mixer and a bottle of Thisbe (this alone costs ?12). A comparable meal in Paphos costs ?25.There is no comparison to the service which is so much better and friendlier in Cyprus. Terrific site keep going strong


Hey just come back 61 of us went out there for two weeks for a wedding but had a fantastic time it was so good we've all booked a holiday for next year not only that but a couple of us are moving out in may 2004 so anyone wanting bar staff!!! The site is brilliant you know its comments by real people and reading all the messages brings back memories of what a good time you had thanks x

Mistress' comments : Yup - they are all real - I get letters telling me I should use more editorial control !


Mistress' comments :  Ask 


Hi, Just arrived home after two fantastic weeks at the Vangelis Hotel, Protaras. (10-24th Sept 2003). Have been to Ibiza for most holidays and was dubious about Cyprus but I have to say that Protaras was a great place to stay. Great bars, clubs, restaurants and the hotel was brilliant. Downside is that it's a resort for families and couples but as I was with my partner it was ideal!!! Ayia Napa is only ten minutes away (?8 CYP) and was expecting everything to be RNB etc but it was very party party and would recommend to anybody. Going back again next year and cannot wait!!!!


Your site is brilliant, one of the best I've viewed. It is clear, easy to navigate around and "invites you" to wander about just looking. Well done, keep up the good work. Glyn Graham.

Mistress' comments : Marry me ?


Wow. I have just read your page. Its so open and honest. I will be taking my daughter there next year for sure. I'm sure we will love Cyprus. Jon. Manchester. England.


i have also been to panas village in Ayia Napa!!!! great location not to far to walk into i#the square at night we both loved it and are thinking off going back next year! if you got visit abyss its great!


hello. very good site. just booked holiday for next august for 20 people cant wait to go. thanks

A very useful document with lots of interesting items to look at. Keep up the effort.


this year we went 2 Ayia Napa Cyprus and stayed in the panas village! it was great! if anyone else has bin please leave a comment here and i will c if i kno u!!!


I have just returned from Ayia Napa. Had a brilliant time. We stayed in a Villa near Nissi Beach. Much better than staying on a complex, don't have to worry about noisy neighbours or us annoying them! Every thing was wonderful - except - NISSI BEACH (BEACH) It is the most disgusting place in Ayia Napa. The beach is filthy. litter and fag butts every where and the constant din from the beach party is horrendous. If your staying in Nissi Beach Hotel, take ear plugs!! There are lots of other nice beaches all over. Cant wait till next year - see you there.


Hiya as any1 been to the anmaria hotel if so email me  thanx x


Great site too Mistress


We have two types of homosexuals in the UK too. Masculine and femeninie. Pushti? that being the worst insult for a hetro sexual or homo sexual male you mean in Cypriot society you mean Mistress?
Mistress' comments : It is more a way of distinguishing between someone with an inclination and those who truly are, however yes towards the feminine, it has been turned into an insult in the same way as bitch I suppose.



Hi! Have been in Napa from 25.07 till 8.08! It was maaaaarvellous!!!! I will definitely come back next summer to feel the pulse of life there! All these bars, pubs, inns and clubs are amazing. And people.. what can i say? Was feeling so comfortable during my vacations, cuz pipl are so friendly and kind!!! I like Greek people! Miss my Greek boyfriend much as well ='( Best wishes, From Moscow with love.


Ne dites NON ?l'entr? chypriote en Europe. Sagen Sie NICHT zur zypriotischen Eintragung zu Europa. Non dica NO all'entrata cypriot ad Europa. Diga NO a la entrada chipriota a Europa. Say NO to Cypriot entry to Europe.

Mistress' comments : As it happens I agree - however probably not for the same reason, but I will leave it here (:o))


Same sex partnerships in Cyprus? No way, Cypriot society is so bigoted.

Mistress' comments : Actually there are - however it is not advertised or openly promoted - bigoted is a big word - Conduct or mental state of one who holds disreputable view(s). - so in fact from a Cypriot traditional viewpoint a gay person would in fact be the bigot. It is an interesting topic though considering that here there are 2 types of homosexual - one is acceptable, the other a mere pushti.


hello, wishing u very best of luck coz i have visit such a wonderful mail first time in my life thx and regards arfan majeed  wish u good luck thx& regards arfan majeed


This will be my first visit to Cyprus, Limassol and I found this web site had very good information which hopefully will be very helpful to me


Great site & great info, thanks! I wasn't sure where to go on holiday in October but I do know now!!


I'm going on holiday on Saturday and cant wait!! This time we are staying in a private bungalow up the side road from the Gardens Restaurant. So I will let you know how I get on. Roll on the 16th August xxx


excellent site


I am going to the anmaria hotel in Ayia Napa can anyone tell me if its good or bad. thank you 
Mistress' comments :


Do you have same-sex weddings in Cyprus?

Mistress' comments :  No


Have you ever been to the North in the last three months?

Mistress' comments :  I have never been, but see Sylvie's articles at 


hi! we are going to the nissiana bungalows in nissi bay would like to hear from anyone who has been there. thank you


Hi, Me and my Partner are going to stay in Markonissos at the Mon Repos Apts in September 2003 any information regarding either the Apts or Markonissos would be greatly.


Great site.. I went to Cyprus in May this year and August last year, and what a beautiful place it is, my parents live there, however, as per previous articles, I have found that the prices are rising and it's becoming very similar to rip-off Britain. When on holiday you don't mind paying for quality, however the prices we now pay for accommodation and flights, you can now travel to luxury resorts in tropical places... That's my only grudge, and I don't suppose it will stop me going to see the family.... ps Makronissos Beach with a cool box full of beer, strawberries and a bottle of wine for the missus.. it can't be beaten....


I have just found your site and am very impressed with the amount of information you include, well done!

I would like to know (for a visit in August) what border crossings are open in order for us to visit the northern area? On our first visit we are staying in Paphos, then again in September we are staying in the Akamas near Latchi. Will we have to drive to Nicosia to cross? 

Mistress' comments : The ones I know about are in Nicosia & Ayios Nikolaous.


I'm looking for info on Tropical Dreams Appartments in Protaras. Not sure how to use your site. I can only find the comments page! Help.
Mistress' comments : start at 


first time using this site. would like to get more info.-    

 Mistress' comments : More info on what ?


going to Paphos can you tell me any good places to visit?
Mistress' comments : See the Paphos page - and also 


What a lovely interesting page. My husband and I are seriously thinking of moving to the Paphos area now we are retired, any comments, ideas would be appreciated.


Sorry I forgot to ask you, where or how I get book or articles from History of Cyprus? Excellent site. 


I am very happy for this site. I will like to get a map of Cyprus, If you don't mind, can you send me a real and complete map of an Island. If you can do it, I will very very happy. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I am super interested reading about your history. Already saw a documentary on RAI International about Cyprus. Thank you very much. Mercedes Herrera Polonsky.
Mistress' comments :  Best map is at 


Very interesting site. Do you have any information on Thalassotherapy in Cyprus? I would like to book sessions at the Anassa Hotel but I can't see how on the various sites I've tried.

Mistress' comments :  Try 


Has anyone been to the Golden Star Apartments in Protaras? I'm going there in July and would like to know what people think about it.


great site. I served three tours with UN peacekeeping Forces (Cdn.) 1967,1972,1977 and always thought that Cyprus was a little piece of heaven. A beautiful island.


A very user-friendly site as an intro to Cyprus. Very well laid out with good subject headings. We are flying out tomorrow for two weeks in Platres and your site has whetted our appetite!. Well done. M.O.Leigh

Mistress' comments :  Thank you (:o)) Have a great time.


We would like to have details of your flights arrivals & departures from and to Cyprus.

Thank you in advance.

Mistress' comments : There is a list of arrivals and departures for Larnaca airport here.


Can any one give me there views on staying at the princessa vera in Paphos


very helpful to plan your holiday in advance fun and easy to use thanks x


Hi First time in Cyprus last Nov in Latchi...beautiful and peaceful and away from main hustle and bustle ...beaches not great for kids so this time (May) went to Ayia Napa staying 3 weeks at Hotel Christofinia off Nissi Beach. Hotel was great, couldn't fault it in the slightest one of the friendliest and efficient we've stayed in but Ayia Napa??? Nissi Beach is amazingly beautiful but also amazingly dirty! Cigarette butts everywhere, if your kids are still at an age of picking up everything in sight...Stress! Prices .... a joke!! Sorry have to agree with the previous comment...mind you if you like "Rip off Britain", you'll feel just at home with "Rip off Cyprus"!


Cyprus is becoming a trash can. Roads are shit, prices getting high, just like Spain lost it's tourism 5 years ago but did something about it. Cyprus is going to lose it's tourism it's all ready on the fall. fix up this place especially Cyprus. wont be coming back for a few years until things improve.


anyone been to vangelis apart hotel in Protaras, would like some information, also would like to know if its hot end sept. thanks, Michelle, Bristol


you will love Cyprus it is such a relaxing holiday everyone is so friendly. i now go every year love it to bits i have now got all my family and friends visiting the island of Cyprus its really really nice must say tho do not expect a cheap holiday as it is not so cheap now it used to be really cheap now i would just class it as average for a holiday


would just like to let every one know that the Anastasia beach hotel in Protaras/Paralimni is the best place i have stayed in Cyprus yet and have been for a few years now and going back this year. the people there are all so friendly (well they are all around Cyprus) The holiday is so much fun some tips go scuba diving its amazing i loved it do it every year i go to Cyprus now (divers unlimited in Protaras) and if you go to Ayia Napa go on the sling shot its fun..... and don't forget to check out all the pubs. Enjoy ya hols


hi there

going to Protaras in July would like to here any comments on the vangelis aparthotel

thanks look forward to hearing from you all.
Mistress' comments :
Try asking at


Hey there!! this site is FANTASTIC, and "the mistress" is GRRRRRR8,(love the comments, great humour) I just wanna say that Cyprus is the best place i have ever visited, i went to the atlantica studios in Limassol, and found it to be spot on, my kids loved every part of their holiday too, the staff were great, and the nightlife was excellent too, i made many friends in "happy Jacks" and if any of you are reading, I MISS YA!! holler to Phil, Jack, jimmy, Alison and Helen, win and Pete, Tommy n Maureen. Going back to Cyprus for the new year 2003-2004 to Paphos, Phaethon beach hotel and cant wait, hope its another one to yaself to Limassol NOW........LOVE THIS SITE...... comments to 
Mistress' comments : Thanks for the ego boost Lynne, but in the office they are saying that your sense of humour must be as warped as mine (:o))


I love that new look on the site, brilliant? Will it be used? Sandra
Mistress' comments :  Depends on the commentz - yours is the 1st - thanks.


Hi everybody...!!! I'm from Germany and we want to stay in AYIA NAPA for our Holidays...!


I can't found something about the Hotel... only that it will open in 2001....!!!Is it a Good Hotel...??? Who knows...???PLEASE HELP US!!! :o( Thanks & many Greetings from Germany...!!! ;o)

Mistress' comments : Try asking them at - they know all the hotels.


Most useful and delightful website. Many thanks. I'm planning a holiday in Cyprus, cycling, in September of this year, all being well. Lea


Very well composed user friendly site


i havnt been yet im goin on the 18th to nissi bay i cant wait



really good web site, thanks. myself, partner, 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy are off to vangelis aparthotel in Protaras, could anyone give me any information on these apartments, also could someone tell me the average temp in sept-oct. THANKS

Mistress' comments : Try asking them at - they know all the hotels.


Hi there! Going to Ayia Napa for 2 weeks in July. Has anyone gone on a cruise from there to Egypt as I think this would be a great thing to do while we're there?

Mistress' comments :    see 


Great site, especially like your newsletters. Very informative.


I have been UN soldier in 1986-1988, married on Cyprus and have holiday for five times so I love Cyprus. I come back next year. Finn Falck, Denmark 


Just returned from Atlantica Bay in Limassol, what a fantastic hotel, this is my 4th trip to Cyprus, I just love the place. Shaun K.


i hate it
Mistress' comments :


Great site for those who want a bit of info on Cyprus. And as for the best beaches....I totally agree with DC, although the night-life is a bit lacking, more for the over 50's I'd say

Mistress' comments : Try  one of our satellites of love.


For the best beaches in Cyprus, go east from Ayia Napa. I can assure you that you will NOT be disappointed. Keep walking (or drive if you're lazy), from Protaras along the beach and head as far as you can go, checking out the coves near Pernera. They are great! No hustle and bustle, just quite and relaxing. From DC of Lincoln UK p.s. going back in June this year


hey your web page is really good me and my college friends are doing research on Cyprus and this really helped thanks a bunch all the best 16 year old Kimberley Bourne


content's great but you really need to freshen up the looks

Mistress' comments : We know.. thanks for the feedback on that, we are just scared to mess with what works ! But please look at THIS and let me know what you think.


Like your site, just returned from two weeks in Coral Bay, had a great time. What is the history of the ship stranded on rocks between Paphos and Coral bay?
Mistress' comments : It got into difficulties that it couldn't get out of. Don't know more than that - there used to be one off the point at Latchi too but that by all reports has disappeared.



coming over to Ayia Napa in a month to work for the summer. we were wondering if anyone can recommend cheap central accommodation for two people. do you think we would need to book before we come over.


Like your site, we having been going to Cyprus for 20yrs and love it, all of it, my husband did his national service there in 1959, hoping to retire there this year Wendy from Exeter


Love this site and use it every year when planning my return to Cyprus.

Coming back on June 7th for 14 days and am staying at the Napia Star.
Just one question... (maybe 2!!) What are the "gym" facilities like at the Napia Star? and are there any proper gyms in Ayia Napa that visitors can use?
Jon, Liverpool, UK.

Mistress' comments :   Hi Jon, please see there is a picture of the gym. Glad you like the site.


You Have The Appropriate Coppery-Look!


This is a great site on the net. You have inspired me to come back and retire in Cyprus, the island of my youth. THANK YOU. V. J. Papa


It's cool but more info


Can anyone tell me what the Nicks Apartments in Agia Napa are like? Are they ok?
Mistress' comments : For hotel info, please ask them at - we are straight talking.


Hi we wrote the letter about skydiving we really want someone to help us even the air sports federation could not help we love Cyprus and would love to do our favourite sport and be in our favourite place please someone could you help us?????
Mistress' comments : Sorry guys, we only know the one in Larnaca too.


Llllllllllllllllllllllllove Ayia Napa! Every time I think of it and the fact that I'm not there, I feel like crying! Was there in October 02 with my boyfriend and the people were so friendly and the weather was fab even in Oct. I reeeeeally want to go back this year, but would it be affected by war? (Touch wood)



Has anyone stayed at the Louis Phaethon Beach Club hotel in Pafos.
Mistress' comments : For hotel info, please ask them at - they are straight talking.


Has anyone stayed at the Lantiana Apartments in Protaras? They are new (opened in 2002). Any info/comments would be very much appreciated.
Mistress' comments : For hotel info, please ask them at - they are straight talking.


because you are reading this you have, just the same as me ,found the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


very good informative and friendly site!. one question, original property for sale, ie:-village property with character? , never see them on site, why not.
Mistress' comments : Thanks. You will find them on however they are better seen than read about, so make an appointment and come and see a selection.


hi i like this site i went to Cyprus in august 2002 and it was soooo good we went to anthea apartments in Ayia Napa we went to the fair over the road and the square around the corner it was brilliant the harbour was nice and we went sky diving and parachuting and boat trips there was MacDonald's right near the hotel bye!!!!!!!!




The site is good. My query: : I am an Indian National working in Saudi Arabia. Do I need to take tourist visa to visit Cyprus. India is one of the common wealth countries. When I have enquired with British Embassy in Riyadh. they said it is not required. Please clarify?

Mistress' comments : We cannot give visa info (sorry) as if we did and were wrong ---ooooooh.


Hi, could anyone give us some information on sky diving or parachuting in Cyprus, we know of a place in Larnaca could you please tell us if there is anywhere else on the island, or give us more information on the site in Larnaca, thanks.
Mistress' comments : We only know the larnaca one too - but see for plane and copters.


Hi, my family and i are going to the Blue crane apartments in Limassol in July 03 dose anyone have any information about them ?
Mistress' comments : For hotel info, please ask them at - they are straight talking.


The Anmaria hotel in Cyprus is great! Im 16 and really enjoyed it. the hotel was lovely, and was ideal for the family. Also being in Ayia Napa, it was a popular holiday spot for clubbers. the square was only 10 mins walk away, and you could hear no nose from there at the hotel what so ever. having lots of awesome beaches near it also helped me relax and get a wicked tan. I have been back to the hotel 2 years in a row, since s its been open, and am planning to go again next year. I recommend this hotel to anyone!!!!


Dear Mistress,

My partner and I are seriously thinking of coming to spend a year out in Cyprus to see if we could live there permanently.

One thing which concerns us, however, is the seeming lack of objective opinion on the "North, South" issue. The tourist-based web-sites are anything but even-handed in their handling of the subject.

In England we are all, sadly, very aware of the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Older people may reflect that our colonial efforts at splitting India from Pakistan in the late 1940s wasn't too successful either.

Can it really be true that the Turks are all ghastly and the Greeks all good? Does the factor that Turkey is basically Muslim and Greece is basically Christian have a bearing? In England we are very pro-Greek (The Queen married one!). Turkey is rather less of an historical ally (they fought on the wrong side in the first world war, for one thing....)

Anyone thinking of buying a property in Cyprus must wonder what happens if a unification is effected. Is there a possibility that the original pre 1974 Turkish owner (or more probably their children) will make a claim to land that they doubtless regard as rightfully theirs in the South? Will others who used to live in the North go back to reclaim lands which they will, doubtless, regard as having been annexed by the Turkish contingent?

Having read most of your extremely well designed and helpful web-site at length, I have seen your sharp comments to those who speak of the merits of the Occupied North. Do you foresee that a reunion of North and South will mean a restoration of property to the pre-civil war historical owners - regardless of their ethnic origins.

These points are raised in a spirit of non-confrontational quest for serous opinion; and I would be very grateful for your pithy insight - which I am sure will be both informed and objective! Please don't tell me off for raising an awkward topic.

With best wishes,

Yours truly,

William Weber, London.

Mistress' comments : Pithy eh ? (:o))
Hopefully we are grown up enough to realize that good people are good and naughty people are naughty - wherever they are from - Turk, Greek or Martian.  A federation is probably  the only sensible way to proceed given that the youth of both sides have endured 25 years of education against the other - ergo - put both together and friction will be inevitable when egged on by angry grannies on discovery that their ancestral home is either occupied , destroyed or sold to Brits. I think there will be an influx of foreigners and foreign influences (TV) to both sides, so much so that the local youth of both sides will completely succumb to the lure of money, fashion, drugs and laziness, to be continued ................ 


Are there employment opportunities in Cyprus like foreign nurses who wish to work there? I have a friend who is leaving for employment there.

Mistress' comments : It seems the whole of Europe wants to come and work here - it is not yet at all straightforward.


An excellent web site for a beautiful island which one day I hope to be a permanent resident of. However, I was disappointed to see horoscopes on your sight but nothing about the glories of the holy Orthodox faith.

Mistress' comments : Thank you... um we don't consider horoscopes to be a religion, and we do consider anyone's religion to be their own personal glory, but there is plenty of info about Greek orthodox churches here.



Mistress' comments : We think it is a scam as we can't find them.


Hello Cyprus! We (my husband & I) are coming back to Limassol in Feb/March '03 for the first time since being there from '67-'70 (courtesy of the RAF). We realise it is going to be very different from the island we knew but, thanks to your site, do not feel completely alien. We would love to trace the people who were our landlord and landlady while we lived there. They were Nikky & Michael Nicholaou and they adopted a little girl called Marina shortly after we came home. Their address was 10(A) Gravias Street, Limassol and we wonder if there is any way of tracing them as we have lost touch over the years. My e-mail address is  We'd be tremendously grateful for any help. Thank you. :-)


Hello I HAVEN'T BEEN TO Cyprus yet but i am going this year June 20th with my family and my boyfriend i think that you need to put all different pictures on eg: Famagusta And other really historical pictures to make people really interested at looking at your website. Apart from that it is very good.

From Jamie lee hallas in Barnsley. England

Mistress' comments : Well we can't get close enough to photograph Famagusta without getting arrested.


i can read the following example. my questions are what is the climate on the ncr and reagion 10 and i enjoy to text my comments pls answer....... cause it is very important pls. reply

Mistress' comments : What ?


Your web site was very enjoyable. I visit Cyprus for one month every October and would never dream of going any where else. But I stay clear of Princessa Vera in Paphos. James UK


I think you have a really good user friendly site. I have never been to Cyprus but will hopefully go this year - your site has sold it to me! Sue


I like it


I love your site very much. But you should also put information for foreigners wishing to relocate to Cyprus. You can tell us about visas and work opportunities and the lifestyle there for the benefit of someone who has never been there.



Cyprus is cool, my nan lives there and when i finish 6th form at school, im moving out there with my mate (s) 2 do collage and university! cant wait! from Emma


Your web site convinced me more to move to Cyprus, so I have done and I love every minute of it!. Especially Agia Napa, (obviously!). Keep up the good work. Loadsa love, Em.


ok i love you guys site but there is just one thing you might want to think of adding. See some people may come to your site not only for travel information, but for research on projects also. You may want to consider having pictures of your different foods and drinks, a map, and some other photos of that sort of category. Thank you, Dana
Mistress' comments : Try looking at  so you can see we have all these thing, but on different pages.


lefke is not lefkara you greek ... you


Thinking of going to Ayia Napa next summer and found your site very informative. thanx, Kara


i like that u guys hav a lot of info but u guys should put a physical map. you know so we can see like the mountains and weather and stuff. thanx
Mistress' comments : Try looking at  We have 15 different maps there!



Mistress' comments : You go to the Penfriends page and add your message. Simple.


I realy like your site; I hope it is informative about life in Cyprus; including the houses for sale posted which don't really exist. Well, such is life!

Mistress' comments : All houses etc on site do exist. The fact that we post the date that they were put up for sale seems to confuse people, as after a couple of years they assume the place must be sold, but this is not necessarily so.
For property see also 


i really love cyprus!!!!!!i went there this summer(02)and i really had a gooooooooooooooooooooood time!! the hotel we were sleeping in was Kition, with that cool and nice DION poolbar! i miss you Eve (who is working in the best bar in Larnaka on the promenade ..)MISS U SOOOOOOOO MUTCH!! hope will meet again! big hug from Norway kine


in worried that you might use the info that i gave you for the horoscope for something else.
Mistress' comments : We don't have a mailing list, we don't sell addresses (even though a lot of companies ask us) We will not even manufacture make up with them.... worry not.


Cypros is nice, but ******* expensive in Agia Napa. Carwash barmen think that they are most important persons in world, especially this without hair ass in the corner bar...


Love it


HI there, I am thinking of taking my family to the Sunquest Gardens in Limassol next year (03). Has any one any experience of this complex?


Dear Victims of ITOPNITE CORPORATION, this is to tell you all that it is a Fraud company and no such company existed except their Bank Account. If anybody hasn't sent the money to them, please do not send. 


Great site, but the disabled bit is a bit short on content. Among other things disabled people need are to know about the availability of suitable toilets and transport. For those who need to wear diapers, where can they be bought?

A few links to the main shopping facilities would be good too.
Mistress' comments :


We are going to Cyprus soon and wondered if there are any decent salsa clubs in Larnaka. Thanks


We had a fantastic two weeks on your beautiful island. Now we are home and can think of nothing else but returning as soon as possible. We will be submitting photos to your Cyprus com as soon as we have sorted the most interesting.  We will be recommending Cyprus to all our friends.


this is a really cool site, i been to Cyprus 7 times in the past 7 years and i think i will still continue to come for the next years to come. i want to buy some apartments in Cyprus and don't know where to look, anyhow back to the site, i think you should add some fun things to do while in Cyprus because there are so many things that people don't know about.

thanks mamoor


Congratulation on the AMAZING site. A lot of good information, very easy to navigate (Let's hope you don't start listening to the experts now). It has a whole lot of Information, more than any other site I've seen. But here are a few suggestions. 1) Never make users pay to use your site 2) Make it more "project friendly". For example, I'm in gr 6 right now and need some information on Cyprus for a project. I don't need History, but what it would be like to live there as a citizen, receiving no extra privileges as a tourist. I have to find out about the education system, (what methods they teach in, what conditions the schools are in, what recourses they have, etc.) Health Care (Enough doctors, nurses, clean water, etc) Economy, Employment, Social Welfare and the Political System. Maybe you could gather information from students that visit your site what they need for their Cyprus Project, whatever it may be, and then create an area on you Website just for us ( Pupils that need information ). If you have any information on the things I listed, please, please send them back to me at . I can use names of websites, names of books or just plain raw info in the email u send to me. Once again, GREAT SITE!!!!

Sincerely, Hoping for reply

Mistress' comments : (:o)) Budding politician.


Hi Everyone. Is there a Company by name ITOP NITE CORPORATION LTD IN LIMASSOL, CYPRUS? please let me know regarding this because i am wasting my valuable time. Its been months and i don't understand what these people doing. If they are purely cheating people for money, they will go to hell.....
Mistress' comments : Yup - we think they will.


Hi to all who contributed their precious time in developing such a wonderful site of informative information. I was so disappointed previously for not getting good sites on Cyprus but one day i found this site informative. I am coming in Cyprus for MBA in CYPRUS COLLEGE. If possible i would like some of from your organisation please revert back in my below ID. MEHARVERMAATLYCOS.COM 



Mistress' comments :  We are as you can see.


love this site. we are thinking of relocating to Cyprus in the near future. My husband and i got married at the goldencoast, Pernera, Protaras in sept 2000. we were very impressed with the way our wedding was handled and it truly was the best day of our lives. knights bar in Pernera is just the best for English breakfasts and at night yanis and his staff really made us laugh with their 'tom cruise cocktail entertainment'.


Superb site, best I have ever come across, most informative, if not humorous at times. Keep up the good work

David Woolley England


Its been nearly months. i am unable to connect to ItopNite website. I am just wondering whether this company is there or not. Guys make sure you wont be trapped.

Mistress' comments : We did check out the company for these guys - don't touch them!


I just had the most tremendous vacation in my WHOLE LIFE there. I have been around to many countries... but CYPRUS will always be the most special. I recommend everyone to go there. Great value for money, and it's just a dream come true. Love from Jordan.


Hei Ayia Napa, Party people! We had a great fun last week. Met a lot of nice girls from all over. Greets to Israel, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, England and all the party people over the world and finally Switzerland. We'll come back next year. SA Pub was great, carwash castle we love Ayia Napa greets also to Nadine and conny from berne, and the crazy guys from Lucerne and aargau, we'll meet you at the Ayia Napa party in Zurich. greets to dj-t at SA Pub. I love your record! Peace Mike and Alex


Love the site, mainly because you get to see even the pratts that moan about Cyprus [some people moan about anything] but nice to see open and honest information. As for the people that make comments about Cypriots not being friendly the old expression "reap what you sow" comes to mind and if you make a bit more of an effort you might get a surprise, but then you prefer to carry on moaning and have a miserable life [sad gits] I have been going to Cyprus with my family for seven years [the only place we have been more than once] we liked it so much we bought an apartment and if it were not for my children's schooling, sporting activities etc etc we would probably be living there.

So to all of you sad people that come on here to moan, look at yourselves and your attitude to life, change that and your life might improve!! Also look at the comments on this board 99% are very positive and if you have a brain that must tell you something, when you always look for the downside don't be disappointed with what you find as we can all make a pigs ear of life. Me I prefer to go on holiday and have the best time I possibly can, I have spent some of the best days of my life in Cyprus. I have never had a bad word with a Cypriot, I love the weather, the beaches and the fact that you are just accepted by Cypriots and welcomed as though they have known you for ever . If you cannot have a good holiday in Cyprus you need help!!!!


My partner and I will shortly be visiting Cyprus and I thought that I would do some background research. I was lucky enough to find your Web Site, What a great site it is and so informative, (I personally liked the' Cyprus Food' section). Having navigated your site we are both eagerly looking forward to our holiday. Regards, Andrew & Pam




i think that your website is ok but im doing a project about the party life of Cyprus


I am ashamed to say, as an Irishman, that an Irish delegation of three m.p.'s visited the Northern part of the country in July as guests of that area's "government". Thankfully they were attacked in the media and hopefully it won't happen again. All Irish people should, as people who also live on an island of which some 20 % is occupied by a foreign power, respect the way "Southern" Cypriots feel about the North. I have been to Cyprus twice and will head over again next year. I will never visit the North until the island has been re-united and would appeal to all right-thinking people, Irish and otherwise, to do the same.


Has anyone been to Cyprus early October - I keep reading weather reports which suggest that the rainfall is very high and the temperatures aren't so good! Please can someone put my mind at ease! I am hoping for a hottish, dryish, fortnight and don't want to be hotel-bound.


Does anyone have any information on the Loutsiana apartments at Nissi Bay, Ayia Napa? I would like to know its whereabouts in relation to the beach and shops (a map would be really useful) I am going to Cyprus at the end of September. Many thanks. Hils

Mistress' comments : For hotel info, please ask them at - they are straight talking.


Discover Northern Cyprus. Escape to this Tranquil Island Now!

DISCOVER HIDDEN TREASURE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN......... You may not have heard much about NORTH CYPRUS, but we can assure you it does exist. The problem is that those discerning travellers who have discovered it, often prefer to keep it to themselves. And who can blame them, when there are so few places left in the Mediterranean which are this unspoilt, and untouched by commercialism. NORTH CYPRUS is a charmed land. A land where you can get away from the crowds and discover miles of deserted golden, sandy beaches. Where you can walk in beautiful mountains, home to rare species of plant and wildlife. A land with a history almost as long as that of civilisation itself , with a treasure trove of castles, abbeys and palaces, which you can explore at will. An enchanting land where a holiday will feel like a fairytale. THE SECRET'S OUT. NORTH CYPRUS for more information and booking please visit url removed by THE SPOILSPORT MISTRESS - SEE WHY BELOW

mistress' comments :THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED PART OF CYPRUS... THE QUESTION IS - DO YOU WISH TO SUPPORT THE RULE OF THE BOOT ? Some UK MP's have bought houses there (or have been given rented accommodation for many years at ridiculous token rents ) so that they will try and convince you....the voting democracies of the world ... that ... 'hey , it's been a long time now ... forget it'... We think you have more heart than that.


Hey Chris. There's one club in Larnaca where we used to go. It's called Memphis. They play techno, r n'b ,house u name it. Foam parties on Sundays! But if u want really hard techno u should go to The Castle in Ayia Napa. Have a nice time! Kat


I'm going to Larnaca in 2 days and we stay there for 1 week. I like to know if there's a club where they play Techno.


Mistress' comments :  Thanks for the knowledgeable reply Kat (see above)


My husband and I stayed at the Anmaria Hotel last October. I thought the facilities were good and the hotel very clean however, the food was abysmal. The choice was very limited, particularly in the evenings. Any meat on offer looked like the bits I would normally throw away at home. Lunches were worse and the staff were not helpful or friendly. This is a real shame because the Hotel is in a great spot and has loads to offer with a really good pool. I would only stay here again if I could go Bed & Breakfast. There are just too many great restaurants in Ayia Napa to stay in one place every night.


After our 6th stay at Protaras, this time at the Tsokkos beach hotel which all round was excellent and for this year for 5 of us cost ?2,750 (uk), when came to book for next year same hotel ?3,350. How can the hoteliers justify a ?600 rise. We love Cyprus but it seems it is a expensive place to stay compared to some other European destinations and could easily price itself out of the market. Is the Cyto aware of this? Hope to return one day. Mark & Deddie Birmingham uk


Just back from 2 weeks at the Anmaria Hotel, Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Took a family of 6, (4 teenagers) .. hotel was very clean, staff very friendly (except for the Manager!) ... new building .. has teething problems, only to be expected I suppose. Pool lovely and popular with the kids. The beach wasn't special ... very rocky and not good for swimming. We arrived at midnight in the middle of a power cut (these things happen) ... but the hotel emergency lighting was not working .... trying to gain access to three separate rooms, lugging cases up 3 flights of stairs with no torches was very upsetting for all - the Manager didn't seem to give a damn. The other staff in the hotel however made up for him, particularly Christos & Elias in the restaurant. Food was good some nights, other nights mediocre at best. House wine is not drinkable. The hotel has great potential, all the facilities you need, but I expected more from a 4* hotel, it needs an edge/atmosphere/the finishing touches - still looks like it hasn't been moved into yet. It could be so much more. Well placed in Ayia Napa, the nightlife is there if you want it but not right on your doorstep.


I just love Cyprus. Have been there two times already this year. I will be back Protaras. Charlotte L?gberg 


I am going to Anmaria Hotel on the 4.08.02 be back on the 11.08.02 will give a no bulls:ATt review straight to the point watch this space




Hey mistress. Do u know anything abt the nightlife in Larnaca? Is it only bars with old people in them or are there some clubs as well? Plz answer as i'm going in a few days. Thank u very much if u do:) Kat, Norway
Mistress' comments : It is a lively enough place - check out the Laiki Yitonia - the paved area just behind the seafront.


It Sucks big time.


Having been to Cyprus as a couple, we are taking our 7 year old grand-daughter this October. It will be interesting to show her this website before we go (you know how kid's are these days with computers), and see what her comments are after her arrival back to UK.


Brilliant Website - I have found this has got the most comprehensive of details on what to do and where to go. I can't wait to go on holiday now!


I just came back from Ayia Napa and loved it, I think your site is good but you should get some pictures of those sexy bar men at Bedrock it will definitely encourage more people to go there!!!!


Query - anyone know of a nudist beach in the Paphos area (within 20 miles)? Answers to web or  We are returning to Cyprus in October and yours must be the last website we visited! It's brilliant - having lived in Cyprus we found most of the info can be totally relied on. Keep up the good work. Robin Fraser

Mistress' comments : Ta (:o))   Of course nudist beaches are not official as nudism is considered an offence. It is however practiced by a lot of visitors, and most places are topless.


its goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hi... Had a great time in Cyprus with my wife and 3 children. We stayed at the Anmaria Hotel in Ayia Napa. The hotel is 4* and has only been open a month so these are probably just teething problems! The food was inconsistent and there was a real lack of choice which doesn't help with hungry children. We stayed half board but other guests that stayed all-inclusive commented that some of the lunch meals were almost inedible. The evening entertainment was very disappointing and there needs to be more thought and investment in this to keep guests on site. But overall, the facilities cannot be faulted, nice rooms, lovely pools (outside & in), right on the beach and far enough away from the centre of Ayia Napa to be quiet but only 15 minutes stroll to all the bars, harbour and the famous square! Ultimately I recommend it as I am sure it will improve, the staff are very friendly and helpful and the facilities are good!


I want to know if the nightlife in Larnaca is any good? Is it just local music there or are they updated on popular music in the clubs( if there are any?) Great site by the way :)


Fine but hard to follow the strings of comments e.g. would be useful to see what people's views of accommodation is like.

Mistress' comments :  Well we have taken your advice and on  you can see the guests comments about the places they have stayed.


I wondered if anybody could give any information on Dekalia as we will be going their for parachuting, i have been told their is not a lot to do their, their is nothing on your site about this area, we have little information about this place and can not seem to find out anymore, we will be taking our daughter with us and wondered if she would be bored or not, can you help. Thanks
Mistress' comments : I presume you mean Dhekelia. It is a British Military base near Larnaca, so count it as Larnaca for the kids... lots to do nearby..


We had a fantastic two weeks (12th June to 26th) on your beautiful island. Now we are home and can think of nothing else but returning as soon as possible. We will be submitting photos to your as soon as we have sorted the most interesting. In the meantime, anyone can see a small selection at: We will be recommending Cyprus to all our friends.

The Green and Amos families.


Your site is great!


My husband and I with our teenager daughter are going to coral bay at the end of July. after reading your website I wish it was next week! excellent stuff, thank you


Hi everyone My wife, teenage son and I are off to the Louis Paethon Beach Hotel in Paphos at the end of July 02 I would like to hire a power boat for the day (I have a power boat license) is there somewhere to hire a good boat from (22' 150hp) Also is the hotel good or bad???

Thank you

Mistress' comments : See for all charter queries... Never stayed at that hotel, but ask at 


Hello, Now you can call me Oracle. I'm Turkish Citizen. I'm a soldier in Northern Cyprus (Turkish - occupied territory of Republic of Cyprus) My vision Cyprus people must be live together. I don't want to work military in here but I have to live here 1 more year. Because I'm a Christian. But nobody now in my Army. I want to contact with your government. My e-mail is  Please help me about contact with them. Thanks again. Oracle


What a ridiculous opening remark. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is not 'occupied by Turkey. Just goes to show how little the Greek Cypriot Administration knows about their neighbours land.

Mistress' comments : No you are right... it is occupied by Turkish silly of me!


I love it




what can I say??? I visited Cyprus tow times. it is wonderful place & people. Nasser Rihani. Jordanian living in united Arab emirates.




great web site! I'm going there with my girl, and two friends of mine. Us two guys are Americans who are living in Russia. We'll be there for two weeks in June. Does the web designer need anything (small) from Russia? Craig
Mistress' comments :  Thanks Craig - more tolerance and a sprinkling of extra patience please (:o))


I take it my comments have annoyed you. for this Mistress. I apologize.. If you ever require Networking support or print cartridges, don't hesitate to put forward a post and I will be glad to help.. Very sorry for my Ignorance..

Regards Glenn Gallagher
Mistress' comments : (;o)) lol... Thank you Glen... sorry for my big mouthed temper.


Thanks for the answer to my question!!!!!!!!!!! NOT...

Could someone please tell me what the green bungalow apartments are like..

What's the point on having a web board when you cant even take the time to answer the users questions?
Mistress' comments : What's the point in having a brain when you can't even be bothered to use it ? This is not a web board, it is a like it or hate it comment on the website As has been stated on many occasions further down, for info about accommodation in Cyprus either contact or  

And as for taking the time ..Oh yes your post was last Thursday.. . I get 600 e mails a day with users questions, which had one of them been yours would have been forwarded to the right people. Have a nice holiday.


Any one been to Paphos in May/June? What are the road works like? Please mail me any comments  Thanks

Mistress' comments : Pretty naf I hear, but you will need to ask who you booked with on particular accommodation.


Your site is utterly stunning. I've been around the 'net' since even before the 'web' was thought of and have visited probably 1000's of sites on just about every subject. But none of them come anywhere near yours for detailed comment, graphic design, humour and sheer readability. Who and what are you anyway? How have you managed to reach such a superb standard? 
Mistress' comments :  Marry me !


Heading to Ayia Napa on the 8th June - staying in the Green Bungalow apartments.. Has anyone ever stayed here? If so, what's the apartments like.. Also - heard that its pretty expensive - I'm taking ?1000 sheets ( would this do for two weeks)???

Mistress' comments : You should get enough offers of people who would like to help you spend it !


is there a club, where they play Techno-Musik?
Mistress' comments : Ayia Napa - don't know the exact one - but have fun finding out - let us know please.


Once Again thank you for your time telling me the url and congrats on the GREAT SITE Sincerely, Hoping for Reply

Mistress' comments : Hi Highlander... better late than never we say (:o))


Hi again I wrote on 4/24/02 to you about a Project site. Since I am in gr 6 I am having a little bit of trouble finding it. If you could give me the URL of the Project Part of your site it would be VERY VERY VERY Helpful. Sincerely, Hoping for a reply

Ps. You can also email me the url at  THANK YOU
Mistress' comments : The projects page is  here


What an absolutely fabulous website!!! My wife and I have just booked our first holiday to Cyprus and having read some of your articles cannot wait to get there. thanks very much for your very amusing, refreshing, and information packed website. john.frater AT 

Mistress' comments : John, we love you. It is comments like this which keep us all going (:o))


Hi, all of you, I write from Italy I'm going to come back to Cyprus because I've lost the wedding's ring on the Troodos Mountain last year! If you find it take it to Mr Andreas of Restaurant Kalamakis where the meze's very good. Thanks.


to anybody that is thinking of going to Cyprus, stop thinking and go, Ayia Napa if you want a good time, small village if you want some peace. The only sad thing is leaving.


love it


Hi to all of you! I am going to Cyprus in May 2002. I must say I liked this web site. It gives lots of information.

Now me and my boyfriend where thinking of getting married in October in a nice island. Would Cyprus be a good choice in October????

By the way I must tell you something, a new Energy Drink will come to Cyprus!!!! A product from Montreal, Canada, where I come from....

Can't wait to go back!

Mistress' comments : Take a look at for ideas. Congrats !


I do not like the format of your website! the design is just horrid! the colours are not even nice and i would prefer to see something a lot more fresh and exciting. I will be visiting this website again soon and do hope to see a dramatic change!
Mistress' comments : We sort of agree with you, but best is for you not to visit for a while as I don't think it will be this year.

Update 2006 - we have tried quite a few designs now, but have yet to find one we like - we will however be going for one that we think is acceptable to all... watch this space.


Congratulation on the AMAZING site. A lot of good information, very easy to navigate (Let's hope you don't start listening to the experts now). It has a whole lot of Information, more than any other site I've seen. But here are a few suggestions. 1) Never make users pay to use your site 2) Make it more "project friendly". For example, I'm in gr 6 right now and need some information on Cyprus for a project. I don't need History, but what it would be like to live there as a citizen, receiving no extra privileges as a tourist. I have to find out about the education system, (what methods they teach in, what conditions the schools are in, what recourses they have, etc.) Health Care (Enough doctors, nurses, clean water, etc) Economy, Employment, Social Welfare and the Political System. Maybe you could gather information from students that visit your site what they need for their Cyprus Project, whatever it may be, and then create an area on you Website just for us ( Pupils that need information ). If you have any information on the things I listed, please, please send them back to me at I can use names of websites, names of books or just plain raw info in the email u send to me. Once again, GREAT SITE!!!!

Sincerely, Hoping for reply

Mistress' comments : OK We Have made a projects page here Please put on the information you find and it will grow for the next generations of school homework and Cyprus project researchers.


We are getting married at the Aquasol Village Hotel in Pathos in August. We've heard mixed reports about the accommodation and food at this hotel/apartments - can you help?

Mistress' comments : Ask at 


Can anyone tell me what the Tsokkos Beach Hotel all inclusive is like? We intend to go there in May 2002. Elaine

Mistress' comments : Ask at 


April 19, 2002 I have never been to Cyprus and I would love to visit some day. I have a friend from the island and it looks as beautiful as he described it. Kelly K. Chadron, Nebraska, USA


Does anybody know anything about a company called ITOPNITE corporation which is based in limmasol, cyprus. pls mail me at 

Mistress' comments : No, but do not pay to get typing work. 

We did investigate this company and found them to have a phone that didn't work and a postal address that we think was just set up to receive $ - don't send money for jobs.



Wonderful website so much useful info I visit Cyprus 3 times a year and hope to retire there.

We were married in Paphos in 1999 and "Fell in Love with Cyprus". What impressed us from the first visit was the warmth and kindness of the Cyprus people and a sense of being safe.

Alan A


Can anyone tell me about the road works that are currently happening in Paphos.

I am staying at the Louis Phaethon Beach at the end of April and I would like information on how we may be affected by the road works.


Mistress' comments : They are a nightmare by all accounts ! Some extensive stuff happening, check with the hotel individually though. informs clients of road works at any of it's hotels prior to their arrival. Nice touch we thought.


I am reading all of the wonderful things about your site but I have one question. What is the address of the site. My husband may be working there and if a move is in the future I would like to do some research. Thank You Colleen 

Mistress' comments :  More bless.. 


this website is good for finding things about Cyprus


Hiya, I'm trying to find my friend who went to work in Ayia Napa march 2002. i don't know much about where he went to work, apart from its a bar that has karaoke (he's the karaoke host). His name is Andi, so if anyone sees him, tell him 'Fish says Hi' and email me to let me know where he's working. Cheers!!! 


Anyone know any Irish bars in Larnaca that show live Irish sport on Sunday afternoons in the summer? I know there are places in Limmasol and Ayia Napa but I'm stuck in Larnaca one Sunday and need to see a match!!!! Webmistress??? Anyone??Thanks


Mistress' comments :   um..... no sorry. Revised answer in 2006 - Yes there is now an Irish bar in Larnaca !


Hi out there,

Can anyone tell me about the roadworks that are currently happening in Paphos.

I am staying at the Aloe Hotel in June. My travel Agent has written to me with a note saying there are some roadworks in the area. No details on the size or the timescales of the works. Any information please? Thanks Dave 

Mistress' comments : They are a nightmare by all accounts ! Some extensive stuff happening, check with the hotel individually though.



Mistress' comments :  Thank you. Have a great time in Napa


i think it's a great site. A lot of useful information for people who is travelling and just every one. I have just one question...? What is the drinking age in Cyprus? Please write me at 

Mistress' comments : 18. That is for public drinking. For drinking at home I have heard it put at 12 and 15.



Hey There!

I am a guy from Malta! I would very much appreciate some photos of some beautiful sites of Agia Napa! Me and my friends are planning to come for 1 or 2 weeks in the first week of August'2002. We are also planning to rent a farmhouse because the prices look very good. I would very much appreciate if I could also receive some information relating to these farmhouses! We are really looking forward for this holiday so it would be of great help if we could possibly receive this information in a short time!

Thanks very much! 


I think this site is brilliant I found it when I was researching information for my new job and we are hoping to move to Cyprus with my work. My husband needs to find a job. Does anyone know anything about NCR Cyprus he works for this company in England and hopes to transfer the the same company. The company maintains shop tills and computer equipment in banks. Could anyone help with some information. 


Excellent site for both newcomers to Cyprus and confirmed Cyprus lovers like myself. We are making our 9th visit to Cyprus in May, I have a question. I have been hearing rumours that the government has introduced a no-smoking in public places law and that tourists are subject to on the spot fines if seen smoking in bars. Can anybody confirm if this is true? Thanks again for a wonderful site!

Mistress' comments : Same rumour 20 years ago... doubt it


i think its cool

Mistress' comments :  Bless (:o))


Your web site is well set out (easy to browse) and extremely informative. We are considering joining family already living in Cyprus and your site has helped us find a lot of the information we are looking for. Mrs Woodward


My Mum is coming to stop at the Hotel Christofinia Nissi Bay, is it quiet ?? She is 60 odd and is coming for a relaxing holiday not to get out of her head !!!! I didn't realise she was going to be in Ayia Napa.

All comments welcome to 



Hi, my boyfriend and I are visiting Paphos in the beginning of September for 2 weeks and are staying at The Coral Beach Hotel. Could you please give us your honest opinion of what the hotel is like and the surrounding area. Thanks


Thank you for a very nice site. It is very easy to go through and very informative. :)

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