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We find this an exciting opportunity to share with you
visitors to Window on Cyprus Horoscopes our discoveries
about the world's oldest astrology.   Be reassured that we
are not trying to displace the astrology you already know
and understand.  All you Leos born between July 21 and
August 20 still are born under the Sign of Leo, but our
research suggests your personality can only be understood
when you add the qualities of the nurturing Moon to your
personality.  Most of you Scorpios born between Oct 21 and Nov 20 can point out to critical loved ones that your need for perfection is because you are also a sophisticated Venusian.  Most significantly, the transits and progressions (how we predict your future) to your natal planets remain the same -- it is only how we refer to the starlit backdrop of these planetary transits which changes.  In other words let us explore together a new perspective on who you are and what is, or is not, happening to you.
To over-simplify, this "new" yet "oldest" approach to
astrology is defined by the positions of the planets among
the constellations of stars and it is called "sidereal" from
the Greek for "star."   The ancients noted certain important stars -- particularly Aldebaran (the bull's-eye) and Antares (i.e. the rival of Mars) at 15 degrees of the constellations Taurus and Scorpio respectively, and Spica (The Peg,  at 29 degrees of the constellation of Virgo.  A study of documents
from ancient civilizations led an Irish scholar by the name
of Cyril Fagan to the conclusion that the ancient
astrologers began marking the twelve, 30 degree segments of the astrological zodiac with the fixed star Spica as the
29th degree of Virgo.  Research with respect to the sidereal zodiac by Cyril Fagan and Garth Allen was introduced to the public in American Astrology magazine in the 1960's. Most astrologers in the West define planetary influences based on their position with respect to the "tropical" zodiac of Sun "Signs,"  which is also used as a reference by astronomers.  Zero degree of Aries is marked from the sun's position when (in it's apparent motion) it crosses our Earth's equator at the vernal equinox -- that is the point
when day and night are equal on the first day of spring in
the Northern hemisphere. 
Those of you who have checked into Window on Cyprus
Horoscopes in the last few weeks might be a little confused by the two sets of dates being presented for each Sun "Sign."  Everything happened so fast that we haven't really had a chance to explain our view -- the three of us who will be discussing the sidereal perspective (Janice M, Jeffery Jupiter and Sidereal) all have "fixed"  suns, and we don't have the speed of the "mutables."    We will be describing new concepts and offering opportunities for an exchange of
ideas as we go along.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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