Disabled Equipment For Hire
In Cyprus

We have been offering wheelchairs and disabled friendly equipment online since 1999, when trying to use one on any pavement was near impossible, but things have improved exponentially in Cyprus, still a ways to go though. Here we have a much greater variety of disabled equipment that can be hired all over Cyprus including Ayia Napa, Protaras, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Polis and Latchi, so wherever you are holidaying in Cyprus we can arrange to get whatever you need to you.
Please note that the prices below are a guide and delivery costs will be extra depending on where you need the equipment.

We also now have a bus for wheelchair users transfers and some coach excursions and now even
 feature wheelchair friendly walks

wheelchairs, motability scooters and disabled equipment hire in Cyprus

Manual Wheelchairs

1 week    € 55.00
2 weeks  € 80.00
4 weeks €150.00

Manual wheelchairs for hire in Cyprus. - click to enlarge

Medicare – XS Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair

Max weight 18 stone
1 week 55
 5 extra day


Electric Hoists Maximum user weight 180 kgs

1 week   €95.00
2 weeks €150.00
4 weeks €270.00

Electric hoists available for hire all over Cyprus. - click to enlarge


Power Wheelchairs Right or Left handed, Swing away control unit, lights

1 week   €95.00
2 weeks €150.00
4 weeks €270.00

Power wheel chairs available for rent all over Cyprus.- click to enlarge


Power Scooters
 max user weight 95kg - 35 amp battery

1 week   €95.00
2 weeks €150.00
4 weeks €270.00

Power scooters available for rent all over Cyprus. - click to enlarge

Medical Envoy 4

Max weight 21 stone

1 week 95
 12 extra day

Envoy power scooter - 50amp batteries - max user weight 160kg

1 week   115.00
2 weeks 170.00
4 weeks 290.00

Drive Medical Envoy 8

Max weight 21 stone
1 week 115
 15 extra day

4-wheeled mobility scooter

1 week   €95.00
2 weeks €150.00
1 month  270.00

Book Here

Disabled friendly shopping scooters to hire in Cyprus - Rascals do your shopping with you


Mini collapsible power scooters

1 week   95.00
2 weeks 150.00
1 month  270.00

Go-Go Elite Travellerฎ Sport
Max weight 23 stone
1 week   95.00

extra day 10 a day

go go traveler sport mobility scooter for rent in Cyprus

Electric wheelchair

1 week   €95.00
2 weeks €150.00
1 month  270.00

Book Here

Electric wheelchair hire in Cyprus - mobility scooters


Shower commodes Self-propelled or attendant controlled shower or toilet commodes

1 week    €65.00
2 weeks  €90.00
4 weeks €170.00

Shower commodes can be hired for your holiday in Cyprus. - click to enlarge

Shower commodes toe hire for your holiday in Cyprus


Rollator with basket

1 week    €45.00
2 weeks  €75.00
4 weeks €120.00

Rollators for hire all over Cyprus - click to enlarge

Four Wheeled Rollator with Cable Brakes

Max weight 25 stone

1 week  495.00
extra day 4 a day



1 week    €77.00
2 weeks  €94.00
3 weeks €111.00
4 weeks €128.00

We have commodes for hire all over Cyprus. - click to enlarge


Oxygen concentrator

1 week    €170.00
2 weeks  €280.00

oxygen concentrator for rent or hire in cyprus - weekly and monthly


Shower wheeled chair



We do have access to other specialized equipment as well - if you know what you need just ask us for a quote and we will provide one. The prices above are for those of you who are organized and who book well in advance (at least 6 weeks) for those of you who are impulsive, the prices are slightly higher. please note that delivery will be extra - let us know where you will be staying so we can give you an accurate quote for all your requirements.

Get in touch with us here


24 665408

For details of disabled friendly accommodation and other useful information
 please see disabled facilities in Cyprus. 

If you need a personal carer then we will also be happy to arrange this for you.
To request this service please contact us here


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