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Health Food Price List


Italian Products  - Pasta -  Pulses and Cereals  
  Spaghetti   PI610 0.79 0.500  
PASTA MADE Linguine   PI611 0.79 0.500  
 FROM ORGANIC Penne   PI612 0.79 0.500  
DURUM  Sedani   PI613 0.79 0.500  
WHOLE WHEAT Fusilli   PI614 0.79 0.500  
ALCE NERO Conchiglie   PI615 0.79 0.500  
  Spaghetti n. 3   PN718 0.79 0.500  
  Penne   PN719 0.79 0.500  
  Sedani   PN720 0.79 0.500  
PASTA MADE Fusilli   PN721 0.79 0.500  
FROM ORGANIC Conchiglie   PN863 0.79 0.500  
DURUM WHEAT Ditalini   PN865 0.79 0.500  
SEMOLINA Strozzapreti   PN866 0.79 0.500  
ALCE NERO Stelline   PN867 0.79 0.500  
  Alphabets   PN868 0.79 0.500  
  Corallini   PN869 0.79 0.500  
  Farfalle   PN864 1.08 0.500  
  Orecchiette   PN870 1.08 0.500  
ORGANIC PASTA Barley corallini   PS620 0.94 0.500  
WITH SPECIAL Nettle spirelli   PS627 1.16 0.500  
  DURUM WHEAT Tricolors strozzapreti    PS692 1.16 0.500  
PASTA 100% Spaghetti  n. 3   PF693 1.63 0.500  
WHOLE WHEAT Penne   PF694 1.63 0.500  
SPELT Fusilli   PF695 1.63 0.500  
PASTA 100% Spaghetti  n. 3   PF793 1.99 0.500  
SEMOLINA Penne   PF794 1.99 0.500  
SPELT Fusilli   PF795 1.99 0.500  
  Whole meal   FA642 1.04 1.000  
FLOUR Meal "0" (fine ground)   FA650 1.09 1.000  
ALCE NERO Meal "00" (extra fine ground)   FA849 1.23 1.000  
  Whole Spelt meal   FA500FI 1.66 0.500  
  Rice Meal   FA500RI 1.13 0.500  
  Borlotti beans (brown)   LS466 1.78 0.400  
DRY BEANS Cannellini beans (white)   LS467 1.78 0.400  
ALCE NERO Chick-peas   LS468 1.40 0.400  
  Mountain lentils   LS469 2.47 0.400  
  Pearl barley   CE456 0.79 0.400  
CEREALS Pearl Spelt   CE458 1.48 0.400  
AND SOUPS Husked millet   CE459 1.21 0.400  
ALCE NERO Barley Soup   CE460 1.56 0.400  
  Spelt Soup   CE461 1.63 0.400  
  Porridge oats          
  Thick strained tomato paste   PO809 0.85 0.500  
  Tomato pulp   PO811 0.93 0.500  
TOMATO Tomato pulp with basil   PO812 0.99 0.500  
ALCE NERO Tomato sauce with basil   PO846 1.39 0.350  
  Tomato sauce with vegetables   PO847 1.39 0.350  
  Tomato sauce with grilled aubergines   PO848 1.46 0.350  
  Tomato sauce "arrabbiata"   PO850 1.39 0.350  
  Ortolana - Mixed cooked vegetables   PO851 1.91 0.350  
  Organic Olives, black and green   PO852 1.39 0.200  
Eat healthy food  
 Jams and Condiments            
  Peach Jam              CO832 1.68 0.310  
  Apricot Jam   CO833 1.88 0.310  
JAMS Plum Jam   CO831 1.68 0.310  
  Chestnut Cream   CO874 2.03 0.330  
  Strawberry Jam   CO873 2.50 0.310  
  Cherry Jam   CO872 2.50 0.310  
  Blueberry Jam   CO836 2.89 0.310  
  Raspberry Jam   CO835 2.06 0.310  
  Peanut butter          
  Almond butter          
  Extra virgin olive oil   OL674 6.80 0.750  
CONDIMENTS Vegetable cubes   DA850 1.08 0.084  
  Apple cider vinegar   AC848 1.38 0.500  
  Balsamic vinegar from Modena   AC849 1.54 0.250  
  Lemon juice   SL001 0.88 0.200  
  Genovese Basil sauce   PG085 1.61 0.085  
  Superfino Baldo (whole)   RI851 1.98 1.000  
RICE Superfino Baldo (white)   RI852 1.98 1.000  
ALCE NERO Superfino Arborio (white)   RI853 2.22 1.000  
  Riso Nebbione s.v.   RI854 1.65 0.500  
RICE CAKES Whole rice cakes   GA500 0.78 0.100  
ALCE NERO Whole rice and 4 cereals cakes   GA501 0.78 0.100  
COUSCOUS Pre-cooked whole wheat couscous   CC857 1.46 0.500  
BREAKFAST Rude health cereals,   OR673 1.70 0.120  
PRODUCTS Roasted and ground barley   OR672 1.25 0.500  
  Can soluble Mixed barley   OR674 2.13 0.125  
NON DAIRY Soya milk   LAT890 0.89 0.500  
MILK Rice milk   LAT890 0.89 0.500  
  Coconut milk          
  Pear nectar    ***   NT815 1.52 0.200  
FRUIT NECTARS Apricot nectar     ***   NT816 1.52 0.200  
  100% Orange, Lemon, Apple, Carrot Juice  ***   NT818 1.70 0.200  
  Peach nectar   ***   NT819 1.52 0.200  
  100% Apple juice (glass bottle)    ***    NT500M 1.88 0.500  
  100% Pear juice (glass bottle)     ***   NT500P 2.31 0.500  
  Whole meal biscuits   FR939 1.80 0.350  
BISCUITS Milk biscuits   FR941 1.80 0.350  
ALCE NERO Yogurt and Honey biscuits   FR943 1.80 0.350  
  Cocoa biscuits   FR936 1.80 0.350  
  Acacia honey   MI401 4.11 0.400  
  Orange honey   MI402 3.40 0.400  
ITALIAN Forest honey   MI403 3.40 0.400  
ORGANIC Chestnuts honey   MI404 3.40 0.400  
HONEY Mixed blossom honey   MI405 3.26 0.400  
  Acacia honey   MI101 9.86 1.000  
  Mixed blossom honey   MI102 6.46 1.000  
WINES Chianti DOCG (red wine)    ***   VI151 6.82 0.750  
ALCE NERO Vernaccia DOCG (white wine)     ***   VI154 6.26 0.750  
ROYAL JELLY Energia Junior Royal Jelly & Honey   PR7J 4.79 0.070  
IN FLOW PACKS Energia Plus Royal Jelly & Honey   PR7P 4.79 0.070  
ORGANIC Mielizia Syrup Adults   SC120A 5.56 0.120  
SYRUPS Mielizia Syrup Children   SC120B 5.56 0.120  
MIELIZIA Mielizia Syrup Relax   SC120R 5.56 0.120  
SMALL Mielizia 12 flow packs box Acacia 72g   BSAC12 1.03 0.072  
FLOW PACK Mielizia 12 flow packs box Orange 72g   BSAR12 0.85 0.072  
HONEY Mielizia 12 flow packs box Mix.Flowers 72g   BSMI12 0.85 0.072  
CLASSIC HONEY Acacia Honey 1000 g.   AC1000 7.18 1.000  
MIELIZIA Mixed Flowers Honey 250 g.   MI250 2.01 0.250  
  Mixed Flowers Honey 1000 g.   MF1000 5.70 1.000  
  Alpine Acacia honey   AC400P 3.74 0.400  
ITALIAN REGIONAL Orange blossom honey from Sicily   AR400 3.13 0.400  
HONEY Chestnuts honey from alpine valley   CA400 3.01 0.400  
MIELIZIA Eucalyptus honey from Tuscany   EU400 3.01 0.400  
  Mixed blossom mountains honey   PM400 3.01 0.400  
  Mixed bouquet from Apennines   MI400AP 2.90 0.400  
  Mixed flowers from Tuscany   MI400MAR 2.90 0.400  
ORGANIC HONEY Organic Mielizia Acacia Honey   AC400BIOMZ 4.31 0.400  
MIELIZIA Organic Mielizia Mixed Flowers Honey   MI400BIOMZ 3.40 0.400  
  Organic Italian Acacia honey   AC250 2.98 0.250  
ORGANIC Organic Italian Orange honey   AR250 2.30 0.250  
HONEY Organic Italian Forest honey   BO250 2.30 0.250  
MIELIZIA Organic Italian Chestnut honey   CA250 2.30 0.250  
"OUR HONEY" Organic saffron honey   EU250 10.55 0.750  
  Organic Italian Mixed flowers honey   MI250 2.30 0.250  
ORGANIC Apricot Jam with honey   C340ABIO 2.41 0.340  
JAM WITH Plum Jam with honey   C340PBIO 2.32 0.340  
HONEY Mixed Forest fruits Jam with honey   C340BBIO 2.81 0.340  
MIELIZIA Blueberry Jam with honey   C340MBIO 2.81 0.340  
ORGANIC Organic Sicilian Maglie   LIBMA500BIO 2.12 0.500  
LIBERA TERRA Organic Sicilian Long Spaghetti   LIBSP500BIO 2.12 0.500  
  Milk Chocolate Bar    ***   CIOL100BIO 1.46 0.100  
ORGANIC Black Chocolate Bar    ***   CIOF100BIO 1.46 0.100  
MONDOVERO Cocoa Powder   CAC75BIO 1.09 0.075  
PRODUCTS 100 % Arabica coffee   CAF250BIO 2.80 0.250  
  Green Tea 20 Filters   TEF20BIO 4.77    
  Panela Brown Sugar   ZUMO500BIO 4.53 0.500  
WILD ROSE HIPS Tonic for the nervous system, relieves headaches and dizziness, mild laxative, reduces high cholesterol levels  


LEMON VERBENA Digestive and sedative properties, a tonic for the nervous system, aids in the treatment of depression and melancholia, relieves nausea, vomiting and the feeling of bloated ness, for slimming diets (helps metabolism)   3.50    
BASIL Simulates vitality, aids the memory, for melancholia and stress, assists in stabilizing blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory properties, for colds, cough and fever, relieves nervous tension related headaches   3.50    
ΓΑΪΔΟΥΡΑΓΚΑΘΟ     3.50    
ROSEMARY Invigorating tonic properties, for fatigue and overwork, improves concentration and aids the memory, stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress, for pre-menstrual tension, headaches and migraines   3.50    
DICTAMOS Invigorating qualities, antiseptic and healing properties, a tonic and sedative of the peptic system, for hepatic disorders, headaches, neuralgia, a natural aphrodisiac   3.50    
SATUREJA Relieves stomach pains, indigestion, diarrhea, toothache, sore throat, insomnia, dizziness, a natural aphrodisiac   3.50    
THYME Strong antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities, improves concentration and aids the memory, anti-ageing properties, calms bronchitis and coughing, relieves general cold and flu symptoms   3.50    
LAVENDER A tonic for nervous disorders, for tension related headaches, relieves colic pain, aids digestion   3.50    
MARJORAM Invigorating tonic properties, digestive and diuretic qualities, lowers blood pressure and sugar levels, relieves anxiety and headaches, for insomnia   3.50    
FENNEL SEED Diuretic, aids digestion, relieves bloating, helps in the treatment of kidney stones, use  as an aid to weight loss and constipation    *** SAFE FOR CHILDREN ***   3.50    
LEMON BALM Invigorates the body and spirit, a relaxant and tonic for nervous disorders and for the peptic system, heart tonic, relieves colic pain, for tension related headaches, for anxiety and depression, digestive and sedative qualities   3.50    
PEPPERMINT Excellent digestive properties, relieves stomach and spasms of the large colon, headaches and migraines related to a weak digestive system, a natural aphrodisiac   3.50    
OREGANO Strong antibiotic and antiseptic properties, stimulates the appetite, digestive qualities, for tonsillitis, cough and asthma, relieves stomach pains   3.50    

  Traditional free range chicken

11.50 kilo

ROSE PETALS     3.50    
SIDERITIS Rich in iron, aids anemia, calms bronchitis and cough, helps with cold and flu symptoms (particularly chest infections), digestive and sedative properties, diuretic, detoxifying   3.50    
SAGE For physical and mental fatigue, a relaxant and tonic for nervous disorders and peptic complaints, aids digestion, supports oestreogen levels during menopause, antiseptic gargle, for sore throats, infected gums and mouth ulcers, reduces sweating   3.50    
DILL     3.50    
NETTLE Cleansing, diuretic, detoxifying, lowers blood sugar levels, for anemia, arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Also used by Roman soldiers as a cure for gall stones.   3.50    
HYPERICUM     3.50    
HYSSOP Soothing tonic qualities, strong expectorant and sedative properties, aids poor digestion, stimulates the appetite, relieves bronchial complaints and asthma, for trapped wind and a feeling of bloatedness   3.50    
CHAMOMILE     3.50    
CONDITION                        USES                
CHOLESTEROL Supports circulatory system helps to reduce high cholesterol levels   3.50    
COLDS AND FLU Relieves general cold and flu symptoms   3.50    
CONSTIPATION Supports peptic system and helps with constipation   3.50    
DETOXIFICATION Improves the body's ability to remove toxins   3.50    
DIABETES Helps to reduce high sugar levels   3.50    
FLATULENCE Helps gastro-enterigal system Colitis - Flatulence   3.50    
HEADACHES AND MIGRAINE Relieves headaches and migraines   3.50    
LOSE WEIGHT Helps those on a slimming diet   3.50    
NIGHT TIME Calming and soothing, promotes good sleep
URINARY Supports the urinary system and kidneys   3.50    

Freshly grown herbs, can include parsley, mint, spearmint, basil, thyme, bay, lavender etc

Fresh herbs are available on demand, fresh, with no waste, grown on windowsills etc. Where plants are available at garden centers they are normally expensive, intermittently tended and of poor quality and usually old and pot bound.
We have access to a relatively small quantity, the grower tends them daily to present them in a good condition. They currently sell at 3.50 each to cover costs. Currently we have Basil, Greek Basil, Parsley, Rosemary, cilantro (coriander) and mint (various types). This range will be widened when possible. Seed available in Cyprus is normally undated and therefore of dubious quality.


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