So much for a regular article

I meant this to be a monthly meandering , and never seemed to find the time to meander - more like a raging torrent of activity since beginning the project. I suddenly realised that the last one was July... but wait .... 2000 ! That was too much so I will spew out two years of frustration (:o)) working backwards.

We started in earnest since the last posting, and have a delightful newly married expert running the show who takes great pride in her job. (Reviewed in 2005 oops she left ! Now we have a dedicated workaholic who loves it!)

The Reverend of a particular parish (who shall remain nameless) told her that we are not allowed to book weddings with him as he has 10 tour operators from the UK and a parishioner with a website and they are the only people he will take bookings from.

I of course found this not only unfriendly, but downright bigoted, biased and smacking of a few other antidisestablishmentarianistic adjectives. I rang him myself, and he explained that he didn't know us - maybe we are inefficient. Fair comment' say I ' so I told him who I am, how long I have been in business and to ask any one in the area about my reputation. (I feel confident that he will be told that I am stark raving mad, but reliably so!)

No - I will do as I want cos I am the representative of the church here, and it's up to me - was the basic answer.

I pleaded a little longer but realised there is some hidden agenda (I can smell them ) - years ago when trying to make a go of it on the market circuit of the South of England, I came across a crooked market inspector.... thought he was above the law and could not be touched by a silly 17 year old girl... he was important and powerful ... he didn't reckon on his own karma taking a hand though , as it always must. It took 2 years, but he was stripped of his power and his glory - not by me , but I sowed the seed .

I will publish the correspondence with the Bishop below.

Other topics to cover very soon

The Social insurance conundrum - you need a birth certificate and school leaving certificate to get a widows pension, but you need neither to pay in for 30+ years.

If we are a day late paying social insurance we are fined a %, however if they are late by 6 month paying you... they don't even appologise.

The constitutional cock up ... hhhmmmm

The pool and the neighbours - jealousy is a debilitating disease. These happen to be the same neighbours who are giving grief on the other side of the block to the first Gay Club in Larnaca

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation take me to court for ' running a travel agency without a licence.'

We do not run a travel agency, neither do we want to !
We do not issue tickets or hold people's money.
We do not wish to have our service downgraded by professional ' experts' who couldn't run an A class restaurant without ' changing rooms for the musicians' who live above the shop!

Stop dear, you are ranting.


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