The history of Salamis is a long one, and is documented in the narrations of the Greek historian Herodotus and the speeches of the Greek orator Socrates.  The city was  the capital of the island before earthquakes led to it's desertion. It was a huge city, and if you go from the Agora (the forum) to the Hippodrome it is a good walk.

  Under King Evagoras (411-374 BC) Greek culture and art flourished in the city.   Nicocreon, was the last king of Salamis, who died in 311 BC. 

By Herodotus

Salamis was at that time ruled by Evelthon, the same who offered at Delphi the censer which is in the treasury of the Corinthians, a work deserving of admiration. Of him Pheretima made request that he would give her an army whereby she and her son might regain Cyrene. But Evelthon, preferring to give her anything rather than an army, made her various presents. Pheretima accepted them all, saying, as she took them: "Good is this too, O king! but better were it to give me the army which I crave at thy hands." Finding that she repeated these words each time that he presented her with a gift, Evelthon at last sent her a golden spindle and distaff, with the wool ready for spinning. Again she uttered the same speech as before, whereupon Evelthon rejoined-"These are the gifts I present to women, not armies."

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The History of Cyprus

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