International Stoic Society

Welcome to all of you who are interested in this subject and in the International Stoic Society.
And a special thanks to those founder members who attended the first meeting in Larnaca, birthplace of Zeno, once known as Citium, then Kitium or Kiteon and now Larnaca on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

There is now more to see than there was when we formed at the conclusion of the Symposium 
"Zeno and his Legacy".

Dr. Bruce Zeno Breuninger is the chairman and founder, he came to Larnaca from Florida in the U.S.A. to attend the conference and form the society,
One of the aims of which will be
" to honour those in public life who put the good of society
above their own personal gain."

Please send your nominations to us.

A message from the chairman ...Dr Breuninger

For the past thirty years one of my  life's goals has been to revive the spirit of nobility and Stoicism as a source of strength for our world leaders and citizens. I am interested in meeting others who are interested in a Stoic Revival.
I feel that the importance of virtue is often underplayed in our modern world by weak politicians who are controlled by their desires for material comforts.
    Ancient Stoicism provided a system for noble Greek & Roman Patriarchs to focus their energies on the common good of all citizens.  I would like to create an International Stoic Society which would honour noble leaders in politics and business who best demonstrate Stoic virtues.  I feel that it is important that individuals who are truly worthy of the respect of society stand up and be counted among the virtuous.  I am looking for others willing to create such a society with me.    I believe we could start out with a quarterly journal addressing the concepts of Stoicism and perhaps an annual formal banquet in Cyprus to honour those world leaders in government and business who best live up to concepts originally laid down by Zeno of Kitium.

If you are interested please send an expression of it here

Or contact us through the stoic forum.
If you wish to submit any articles for inclusion on this site, please send us a copy.

A note from the secretary

I would like to thank all of you who have shown an interest in the society. Until now our reply to all those interested in joining has been, ok, that's it, you're in, as I believe that there should be no constrictions on who may or may not join. The overwhelming response was a surprise as I was not aware of the numbers of people who consider themselves as stoics around the globe. A truly amazing cross section of race, geographical location, age group and profession. he only defining group so far in the correspondence received is the obviously overwhelming fact that 90% are male, whilst 90% of the real life stoics I know are female.
Lets hope this comment evens up the numbers.

We are commencing a newsletter, at first it will be either quarterly or monthly, that is still to be decided, but if you wish to sign up for it in whichever format it takes please leave your name and e mail address here it will not be used for any other purpose, and does not mean that you have joined the society, to unsubscribe, do the same thing again but tick the unsubscribe box. You may also nominate your candidate for the award.

Newsletter form

This is a Stoic forum where members and others can interact .
Please use it wisely.

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