Wonderworld Nursery School in Larnaca

English Playschool and kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

About our Playschool
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The Nursery Session


What will your child learn at playschool?

Children learn to concentrate, co-operate and develop physical and intellectual skills by doing things in their own way and in their own time. Children are drawn to the various activities we offer and want to explore them,  this is what early learning is all about.
For example :

Learning through play in the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

Sand and Water.   At the dry sand and water trays, the children learn about volume and capacity, floating and sinking, pumping and changes of weight and texture. They have fun playing with jugs, funnels, spoons and spades and their co-ordination quickly develops.

Dough.   We use this material to encourage the children to explore different ways of using hands and fingers for kneading and moulding, shaping and changing.

Fine art at the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

Art & Graphics . The children experiment with paint in different ways : We facilitate brush painting, rolling, dabbing. spraying, sprinkling powder paint, mixing colours and printing.
We also use scissors, glues and tapes, and as the children combine various materials such as cardboard,buttons,ribbons paper etc they learn for themselves about shape , colour, texture and what they wish to achieve.
We have a wide variety of crayons, pens, chalks and pencils and encourage the children to develop their skills with these tools both individually and collectively. We do class projects and work is displayed for all to admire.

A gluing session at the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

Mathematics  Building, cornering, matching, sorting arranging and methodical tidying are just a few of the ways in which the children develop a basic grounding of mathematical concepts. We have many toys and puzzles aimed at this area of development.

Workbook work at preschool in the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

We also find that children are better helped to learn what counting is all about with a real focus, such as  ears, eyes, fingers, buttons on a coat etc.  We have worksheets which vary in difficulty according to each child's ability for the older children especially, but they are always fun to do.

Feeling at home whilst learning in the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

Imaginative and out door play There is a large, well equipped home corner in the central play area. This is very popular, and important for extending the children's imaginative play. In the garden we have a large sand-pit and various garden toys and swings. The children are allowed to run and climb freely and use wheeled and other  toys.

Learning to cook at the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

Books We have a comfortable book corner in each room, with a wide selection of books both fact and fiction. Children are encouraged to look at books by themselves as well as being read stories by the adults. We encourage the children to care for books, we show them how to turn the pages carefully and put them back on the shelf when they have finished reading them.

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We have 3 classes, and take children from 2 to 6 years old.
We have children's bathroom facilities of the proper size, a dining area for those who stay for lunch, A large safe enclosed garden, a baby changing room and our own kitchen.

Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus in the playground.In the playground with the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus Swinging in the playground with a pupil from the Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus

The front door is always locked, so please ring the bell.


Part of a child's learning is to be able to live and play with consideration for others. We have children from many different cultures and backgrounds. This provides an opportunity for all the children to learn about each others cultures and develop mutual respect and helpfulness towards others.
Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus performing construction work
We believe that girls and boys should have equal access to the activities we provide, there is much imaginative play and we encourage children to disregard stereotype rules.

We want the children to develop confidence in their ability to interact successfully in the group.
However, if a child causes hurt to another, by word or deed, we explain why we reject the behaviour,
not the child.
Wonderworld Nursery school & Kindergarten in Larnaca, Cyprus  pupils learning to concentrate.


We are open Monday to Friday 7.15am -3pm

You have a choice whether you wish your child to stay for a cooked lunch.
Those who do not leave at 1pm
Those who do leave at 2pm

It is important that collect your child punctually - children can easily feel abandoned if they are late being collected. During your child's settling in period we encourage you to take your time. It is a very important step for a small child , and you will be able to support them until they feel confident about being in a group
and about approaching a member of the nursery staff for help.

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Our fees are payable monthly in advance. There is a deposit on registration, this will be returned when your child leaves providing there are no outstanding monies owing. One month's notice must be given.

The playschool year runs from September to the end of July and apart from the month of August all absences must be paid for in full. Fees must be paid during the first week of each month for that month.

Please contact us for our new fee structure in Euros

Prices for individual lunches or twice weekly lunches can be arranged.

There is a supplement on any of these arrangements if your child is wearing nappies.

Application Form

Wonderworld nursery school and kindergarten pupils dress up.

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