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Firstly thanks for a great site - I used to live in Cyprus (Erimi and Akrotiri) a few years ago.  It is a brilliant place and your site definitely does it justice.  I live in Australia now and miss the island incredibly (am planning on a holiday in the near future) I do have some input in regards to "Eating Out in Limassol" ...although the Blue Island is a great restaurant (I only know of three people who have actually finished a meal there, the portions are huge!!) there are a few others that I suggest you check out if you get the time - and should mention them on your web page to give visitors to Limassol and surrounding districts a variety

I apologies for the lack of direction for these but it has been quite a few years since I've been to them.

Mammoots restaurant is in Limassol on Omonias Street (off Franklin Roosevelt Street).   I hope it is still there and I hope you can find it because they serve the most amazing "Grass" or that is how we referred to the lettuce served with olive oil and a mysterious ingredient which no amount of begging or bribery on our part would reveal.  For years we have tried to reproduce this delicious salad but to no avail.

The Eagles Nest is in Pissouri village right at the top of the hill - It is a bit more up market (would appeal to the tourists) - Great food (even my granddad liked the calamari - after we told him it was rubbery onion rings!!)(We did check this one out Debbie, and unfortunately it has closed down)

Jacks Tavern is also in Pissouri village down the hill and around the corner (same road as there is only one).  Jacks is the real taste of Cyprus - with broken wicker covered chairs piled high in one corner - If you want something authentic this is the place - the food is the best I had in Cyprus which is really selling the place and the atmosphere is typically Cypriot which is great.

The Birds Nest restaurant is at Akrotiri on the main road just before the Air Force Base and has really great steaks - another one which would appeal to the tourists.

Green Valley restaurant - This is a little restaurant just off the dirt road to Curium beach (before the ruins turn off on the way to Paphos) which is set within a group of trees - it is very secluded and very beautiful - perfect for a warm romantic evening - it is the setting which makes this place.  This was the first place we ate.

I have to mention this one although it is not a restaurant as such but the hamburgers at the middle cafe on curium beach are the best in the world and the staff are amazing - all the tables move around to suit the patrons and the staff still know which table number it is - in the three years I spent in Cyprus this amazed me every time. Is it still like that?

I hope you get the time to check these places out and can use this information to enhance your site.  If you can find the time would you please be able to let me know your thoughts regarding these restaurants (and if you manage to wangle the recipe for "grass" out of the owners of Mammoots PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know).

Keep up the good work (and I really appreciated the new age look at Cyprus).

Regards       Debbie Matthews
Next we have a reply to this one;Firstly I agree with the quality of the Blue Island, but don't you find the prices a little steep. (God I've been here too long).  I mean it's good, but not THAT good when you compare the multitude of other restaurants in Cyprus that are also excellent.  Perhaps we rural types cant afford your townie prices?

I really wrote about the restaurants identified by the lady from Oz. Don't know Mahmoots (don't recall seeing it but there's always loads of building work going on in Ormonia Ave.  The little pasta place next to Andy's Motors has gone too (shame).

I think the Eagles nest restaurant is probably now the "Hill View". Still popular with ex-pat and tourists and a great view. I'll ask some long time pissourians to confirm.

Not familiar with Jacks Tavern, again one I'll try and hunt out and let you know the outcome.

The Birds Nest is still there under that name and still serving brilliant steaks.

Green Valley Restaurant is called St Ergemious Restaurant (or something) it's named after the little ancient church next door. I think they might have dropped the "green Valley" logo. I'll check. Not somewhere I've been but I know people who have and none have complained.

The Middle Beach bar at Curium is called "Chris's Blue Beach Tavern
It's only open during the tourist season (May till late Oct this year),
but is the perfect spot for a cool beer watching the sun go down over
the cliffs. I also agree that the food is terrific.
A tip for Veggies;

Don't suppose there are too many vegetarian restaurants yet, but the owner of the "Lophou Tavern" in Lophou village (Lofou) always does a great meal for my veggie friends when we have his meze. If veggies don't mind watching carnivores stuck into one of the best mezes in Cyprus I'd recommend it every time. You need to give advance warning if veggies are coming.  I'm not sure whether that's so he can prepare the meal or book the exorcist for afterwards. The ghost of veggies past etc

You may be interested in a very good traditional Cypriot restaurant we discovered this year - Le Ploumin Restaurant in Paralimni - excellent traditional food in a delightful courtyard setting - recommended.

Hello! I have visited Cyprus six times and found many good restaurants. One is "Santa Maria". It is small one but has excellent food and I can recommend Afelia and Kleftiko. "Santa Maria" is located near Drakos hotel at Limassol Tourist area.

The other restaurant is called "Old Vienna". They have excellent chicken. It is worth tasting. It is also located in Limassol Tourist area.
The third restaurant is called "Aristocat". They have very good fish dishes. This is also located in Limassol Tourist area.
Tuula Ahokivi

My name is Camilla Carlsson from Sweden. We go for holiday in Cyprus every year, in Limassol. We also come back to one very good plays to eat, and that is Toscana pizza, its not so far from our Hotel. We always stay in Castle hotel. Of course I will also recommend the Castle many. There are menu good places with good tasting food and good staff, but its hard to remember the name. Many greetings from Sweden and Camilla.


Aliada' in 117 Irinis str. 3025, Limassol

It's a restaurant that we wish we could have around the corner from where we live in the U.K.
Let us know what you think.....Marina

Well I phoned and found out that it has a set menu which sounds nice.
Always a soup to begin with, followed by fish and salads, then a meat dish and desert.

Feedback from the girls - they love it - loads of food and good quality, a restaurant in Limassol not to be missed.


We've visited Ayia Napa a few times recently. The best restaurant I have
found there is called
Blueberries, just off Nissi Avenue by the Tosskos - the food is brilliant. I have recommended it to a few friends who have been and
have had no  complaints back yet!  The portions are big, and the prices good.

My Wife and I have been coming to Cyprus for the past eight years and usually stop in Limassol or Erimi Village. Two years ago we found Solaces Restaurant opposite the Castle Hotel. For service food and friendly banter it cannot be beaten.
It is owned and run by Spyros and his wife Yolinde (not forgetting there daughter Lidya not sure about the spelling).

Good Food & Service in Ayia Napa - Tosca Flambé Reastaurant -

I have recently introduced my 6yr old son to Cyprus after going there myself over the past 17 years.   The main square area is now a bit too loud to eat in.  Just up from there, past Black and White Club, I have found a good restaurant, offering a wide range of starters, steaks, local dishes and children's menu, called Tosca.   Specials are always available and the steaks and kleftico were a favourite of mine and my son was spoilt rotten.   To top everything when my son finished eating and I wanted to relax the staff or owner  (Louka) would see him over the road to the play in the Arcade opposite and I could finish my dessert and wine in peace.

I must congratulate you on your site on Cyprus I have spent nearly 9 years on this beautiful island with the forces and only wish that I could see my last days living there.  I really think that you should check out the kebab & steaks at Sylvana restaurant on the left hand side of the road leading to the military base. It may not look much from the outside but I can assure you that sitting on the patio looking out onto the lake with the flamingo's and eating & drinking in the fine food & wines is something that I miss sadly
Allan Murray

Wonderful site , I have now been visiting Cyprus for the past 15 years. As always a place to visit is the Napa Tavern where George and his family have been serving excellent food for years. In peak season you will need to book on Friday and Saturday nights.  All nationalities seem to enjoy the food and hospitality of this brilliant Cypriot restaurant.  Will be there again this year.

John Stanfield

Sample the delights of a traditional village tavern in Pegeia ( nr Paphos).  The Kyrenia Tavern is open evenings only and is an experience not to be missed! 'Crazy Chris' will look after you, the food is simple and delicious, traditional meze all freshly prepared and grilled in the traditional way washed down with as much village wine as you care to drink. Don't worry its downhill all the way home!. The Taverna may not look great from the outside but you will love it- Chris is great fun for all ages from tiny tots to grandmas. The evening often ends in dancing , magic tricks and music (of a very special kind)
If you go send Chris best wishes from Steve and Marie in Bristol.

hello I worked in Cyprus for the last 2 years for the summer seasons and I know that Markos restaurant was excellent and all the staff were lovely . but the best restaurant by far has to be the Los Bandidos Mexican restaurant also in Ayia Napa. this has the most friendly staff ever and the food is always amazing , which is why the restaurant is always full and people are always willing to queue. their strawberry margaritas are the best in the world!
Emma Downie
Hi! A restaurant I would recommend to anyone without any doubts is The Cimaroza in Nicosia. The meze they serve there is very unique, never had it anywhere else, and the music is excellent.
David Diamond. 
Hi I am Donna, lived in cyprus for the last 2 years. a really friendly, family restaurant is in an old flattened village called Pergamos the restaurant is called Ali's Bar and serves traditional Turkish and Greek food along with some English for those who dont stray away from English food, Very reasonable prices and good portions,
The owners Alkan and his English wife Karen run it and it is worth a visit if you go say donna says hello.
Hi, My husband and I are frequent visitors to wonderful Cyprus.  We can recommend THE PITHARIA restaurant in Limassol. It’s right opposite The Four Seasons and our hotel The Mediterranean.  I have never tasted steak like it anywhere else.  The food in Cyprus is always excellent, as are the people, the weather, etc etc. It’s fair to say we LOVE Cyprus. Thanks,
Sharon Carswell. Scotland
Hi ,
We've just returned from Limassol staying in the royal court apt`s .the
staff were fantastic and the breakfast buffet for £1.50 was incredible ,but Mario`s just round the corner we found outstanding for all other meals, very nice people, first rate cooking and nice small bill` at the end.
Piasta Greka Taverna Tomb of the Kings Road Paphos.
Owner Panicos Patsalides, family run, best food and value in the area.
Tried the rest had to keep returning to the best. Promise you will not be disappointed.
After a recent holiday in Cyprus I would like to recommend a couple of places to eat and drink.
 Both places are in an area called Amathus/Ayios Tykonas very close to the well known Hotel The Four Seasons.
 The place to eat is virtually opposite the Four Seasons Hotel and is called VENEZIA.  This extremely well run restaurant is owned and run by a very friendly and genuine chap called Antonis Sofocleous, known as Tony.  I have chosen probably the most common things that people look for in any restaurant.
 FOOD: Excellent. Although it's a fairly basic menu there is plenty to choose to satisfy most tastes.  The food itself is of very good quality and is cooked - I would say - to perfection.  By the way, go in with an empty stomach as the portions are enormous.  I have a very big appetite but struggled to finish the set menu, in fact on some occasions I even had to leave out a course - the cost Cyp£5 as of August 2000. The drinks were extra but they were also very reasonably priced as was the main menu.
 THE SERVICE: Excellent.  Served by very efficient, friendly and multi-liguel staff and despite being very busy virtually all of the time, you never had to wait long for any of the courses.
 CLEANLINESS:  The whole restaurant was kept very clean at all times.  The toilets were spotless and kept that way even when busy, furthermore the toilets were always stocked with soap and toilets rolls.
I have to agree with entry regarding the Venezia Restaurant in Limassol.  I was just about to send you a report but I see someone has beat me to it. I would like to add that Tony and his staff are excellent with kids and do anything to help keep them occupied. The portions are absolutely huge and I can recommend the Sunday roast, it was superb. Once again our visit to Cyprus was an overwhelming experience because the people, the food and the weather are all amazing. Looking forward to our next trip!
Sharon Carswell, Scotland.
Restaurants - 5 visits in the last 3 years and one of the best restaurants for food, friendly atmosphere, view of sea is Parormon Bayside - Andreas and Moira Ling1 Liminaki - Ayia Napa

You could also mention Flyworld which started this year - brilliant. -- John Parker
Having visited the Island of Aphrodite many times since the Limassol/Larnaca road was more of a donkey track we bought a place a couple of years ago so we could self cater.  What a joke.  Who wants to cook anything apart from breakfast when you're in Cyprus.  Our favourite lunchtime haunt in Limassol is the Castella beach bar and restaurant on the beach, surprise surprise, about a mile west of the 4 Seasons hotel.  Pittas are delightfully filled with charcoaled chicken, tuna or what have you.  The beer glasses are always frosted and the wicker umbrellas provide a delightful screen against blindness when you're looking at a full eclipse of the sun a few hours after a 5.8 earthquake as we did in 1999.  See you soon.
I would just like to say that my boyfriend and I had a meal at this Chinese Restaurant 'Tai Pei' and the food was excellent, really large portions and really good value for money we both thought that it was better than England
Chinese restaurants! If you are ever visiting Limassol try this restuarant out because if you don't you will be missing out!!
We have just come back from Limassol and we love to go back Michelle & Terry
I have just come back from Cyprus-Limassol and would like to warn people of this 1 restuarant 'Mr Chow's Chinese restuarant' the food is quite expensive and not very big portions too, when we went in there it was under staffed and
they mucked our order up and we were waiting 1 hour for them to tell us that they had lost our order and then to turn up without our starters. So just a word of warning don't visit this restaurant!

Michelle & Terry
The Stag and Hounds is a really nice and friendly Pub/Restaurant. The food is lovely.
The cocktails are really nice and a really nice price. It was about a mile from our hotel/apartments but it was so nice that we walked back several times. The couple that own it our Fivos & Sarah and are both English and really nice people.
Highly recommend if you go Limassol- Cyprus

Love Terry & Michelle
Another nice cafe to visit is "POP INS". The food was excellent if you are after a mid-day snack then visit this friendly cafe.
Michelle & Terry
Having just returned from 3 weeks in Limassol I must recommend the Octogon Restaurant near the Meridien Hotel.  Prices are fair, food is humous ever, steaks to perfection and fish like it should be
but rarely is. And the service is first class.  My wife didn`t like a wine I
had chosen and the waiter took it back, sent out for a bottle he thought
she`d like  and not on the list and returned 10 minutes later with a good
choice.  The place is so good we ate there four times in that 3 weeks.

PS Castella [see above] still as good if not better than before.
It's 20th october 2001 and we have just returned from
limassol and took with me your restaurant
recommendations and comments.  here are some
restaurant comments that may be of interest to others.
the best restuarant we found was LA MER on the beach
road just to the left of the park when looking at the
park from the beach.  it was excellent at both
lunchtime and dinner- the food was high quality and
and reasonable price - Keo beer on draft and bottle -
tarrace and indoor seating - very clean toilets -
service efficient and friendly - we recommend the
village salads and dips and mixed grill although all
meals were good.  the police often eat there at
lunchtime and a lunchtime snack and beer overlooking
the sea is very relazing.  tablecloths changed every
we tried out several of the recommended restaurants
and found that the VENEZIA opposite four seasons hotel
was excellent in terms of food, value for money,
service and cleanliness as others have mentioned
also TOSCANA on the beach road in front of Castle
hotel was very good in all respects.
for a pre dinner drink we would highly recommend
HAMLETS bar on the beach road close to 4 seasons hotel
or the STAG AND HOUNDS pub on the beach road in the
tourist area.
lunchtime but is a very nice place for a lunch and a
cool beer overlooking the beach - any taxi driver will
take you there - its past the tourist area going
towards 4 seasons hotel.
we did try MARIOS near the castle hotel and was
dissapointed with the service although food and
cleanliness was ok.
did not try BLUE ISLAND as we really could not find
the  road on the map ! (Mistresses comment - It is the main road along the sea front !)
best regards

grant and sandra baird, london
Just found your site and think it is GREAT. There is one place however that you MUST try out whilst in Limassol .
:- MAMAS Cypriot Restaurant & Steak House Amathus Ave  (Near the Four Seasons Hotel) this is without doubt one of the best eating experiences in Limassol. My wife and I have been going there for three yrs now. MAGNIFICENT
Tony & Sue Tobin
If your looking for an excellent Cypriot meze or just good food in a
pleasant atmosphere and a restaurant well frequented by the locals of
Pafos try The Nostalgia restaurant on Tombs of the kings road, Pafos.
The prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the service
and the standard of presentation 
Try Manolas Tavern just outside Kallaki.The atmosphere is very nice, lots of flowers outside and hanging plants everywhere inside. In the winter there is log fire and for the summer the outside area is opened up under a ceiling of vines. The service is excellent and the staff always willing to please. I would highly recommend the lamb kleftiko - not at all 'fatty' or greasy, and served with fresh steamed vegetables - (no frozen mixed veggies here!). We eat there regularly and it's especially nice to take friends there for their first time - they always go back! 
 From the Germasoyeia roundabout, driving towards Larnaca, and after about 10 minutes, take Junction 21 (?) to Pyrgos, Parekklisia, Kellaki, etc. Keep following the long winding road, ignoring the villages of Pyrgos and Parekklisia, all the way up to the hills to Kallaki. Before entering the village there will be a right hand turning with signs leading you to Manolas Tavern.
On your return journey, follow the road in the opposite direction to how you came - this is what we call the 'scenic route' - wonderful views across the valley. The road is older and a little more 'windier' than the other way, so don't have too many zivania's before you leave! . Have a great time.
Jenny & Mike - Limassol
Mahmoots was one of our favourites when we lived in Cyprus 1980-83. Birds Nest and Chris kebab beside RAF Akrotiri were also regular haunts. The Rendezvous down by Limassol port served excellent meze. Haven't been back to Cyprus - worried it will have changed beyond recognition!
I have to agree with the comments made about Chris' Blue Beach Tavern. They do the best food at curium beach and the chips are to die for (and so is everything else!!!). Also, Micheals in Erimi Villiage, near to Curiem is the best place for a meze.
The best moussaka is to be had at the 'Rendezvous', turn left off the Zakaki Road out of Lemessos towards the new port. They make it themselves and it is superb. For excellent souvlaki try the 'Richard and Berengaria' on the corner beside the castle in Lemessos. It's as good as we had when we lived there. For the ex-service people, Mahmouts is still going (run by George now) as is the Brittannia, and Little Arif has a place near Kyrenia
Have you tried the Secret Garden restuarnt Protara ? lovely secluded garden on the top road oppsoite traffic lights, offered great food , good service and a secure play area for the children , made us very feel very welcome will be going back.
danae is one of the best restaurants in cyprus

why dont u add it ???

Also, like alot of other people on this site, i have spent numerous years holidaying in cyprus.  My favorite restaurant is THE GARDENS on Nissi Avenue across from Nissi beach.  Michael, the owner, is lovely and all the staff are great.  His peppered steak is to die for!!!  Happy eating xxxx
I came across your website and wanted to let you know that I was just in limassol last week and dined several times at an Italian restaurant called Prima cafe & restaurant.  The place was beautifully decorated which was the first thing that caught my eye and the food was incredible!!!  Our server was very friendly and informative about the island, the food presenation was super and the taste was the best I've ever had.  Even if you don't have room for dessert you can't leave without having one of these: walnut cake, apple pie or the custard.  You won't be sorry!!


Being a frequent visitor to Cyprus I can recommend some excellent eating places as follows.

In Limassol:
Cleopatra’s Lebanese Restaurant. Excellent Lebanese Recipes including a Lebanese Meze and on Friday and Saturdays evenings accompanied by a traditional Belly Dancer. Old Vienna . As it suggests from the title, based around German Style recipes, excellent sized portions and really good food, you definitely get your monies worth here.
Neon Phaleron. Sounds like something out of Star Trek, but good quality wholesome food, based mainly on traditional dishes but some specials thrown in by the head chef, excellent wine list. Top class and good value. If you fancy something very European, try ‘Le Maison Belge’, it’s a little diner on the west end of the seafront, as it suggests it’s a little bit of Belgium in Cyprus, this guy has got to have the best selection of beer I have ever experienced, all Belgian of course and boy does he know how to serve them, and to help them down he has a good range of Belgian cuisine.  Wonderful place to spend a Saturday Lunchtime.

In Kollosi Village (near Limassol).
Kollosi Steak House. A family run business in this small village close to the UK sovereign base at Akrotiri. Excellent menu with some really tasty steak and other traditional meals, nice friendly atmosphere.

In Larnaka. On the strip,
Vlagos Taverna. This guy keeps them coming, his menu is fantastic, having tried just about all he has to offer, based around traditional Cyprus recipes such as Stifado or Kleftiko and he does the best Mousaka I’ve ever had. You get plenty to eat and some, but you will have to get in early as most nights it’s full to capacity, got to be the best value in town. NYKS Place . Stella knows how to make a mean Stifado or Kleftiko wonderful wholesome cooking, if there is anything in particular you would like, ask her nicely and she will have it ready in a jiffy. Excellent food, in a nice little corner restaurant tucked away of the strip. Kantara. Plush up market restaurant with up market cuisine.  Recently moved from the back streets to the front of the strip into a very nice setting, certainly somewhere to take someone special.  Excellent food and the staff are second to none.

Bunch of grapes Inn. Came across this purely by chance, I was visiting a friend, he and his wife took us to this wonderful old place set in the old town, stunning, just how you would imagine a Cypriot Restaurant should be, excellent food mostly traditional and good sized portions, in a romantic setting.  Great place to sit outside on a warm evening.  Cobbled streets and as the name suggests, grape vines.

Hope you find this info useful.

Best Wishes
Steve Wood

We recently tried The House of Tan Lee in Pervolia - we are hooked ! No monosodium glutamate, real Chinese cook, superb food, the house wine is GOOD, incredibly clean, friendly people, say hello to Colin and Tan Lee - definitely worth driving to from Larnaca or anywhere else. Nothing more to say - yum...  Mistress.
I live in limassol cyprus
first id like to agree with what was said about MR CHOW i wouldn't never go there again now CHARADE restaurant (tourist area) great food can be a little bit pricey but if u want to try the meze good place to go or if you fancy a light lunch TOP 20 its a small cafe with just a few tables out side (opposite luna park) but does great breakfast and sandwiches have fun, Nic

Hi there, Just found your site by pure accident, but it is NO accident that the same restaurant names crop up time and time they did over 20 years ago when stationed over there, and on every visit since..Fads come and go, but good grub lasts forever, and the best food in the world is served in Cyprus.

Evdimou village - Famagusta Tavern - very basic, correction, VERY BASIC, but food that makes you want to tear up the return plane ticket!
Ladies should only order SMALL chops etc.
Curium - Chris's Blue Beach - the most wonderful place to eat or drink anywhere on the island. It has been re-built since 2006, looking forward to seeing the "New Blue" this year. Also, just on the start of the road to Curium beach,
St Ergemenious Tavern
- very peaceful, and lovely food.
Akrotiri - Sylvanas, Chris's Kebabs - will never go out of fashion.
Episkopi village - main road, Stables
- Sunday roast, busy every day, excellent food and service,
Limassol - Mahmouts, still soooooooo good after all these years. Debbie in Oz the GRASS is, we believe, very finely shredded cabbage, olive oil, lemon juice, salt (as per the Kopiaste cookbook) but think George adds a little something extra, perhaps touch of nutmeg in the olive oil?
Limassol - Santa Maria - good service, excellent J.P.'s, (cyprus spuds of course) and take away service if you want it.
Zygi - some good fish restaurants here
Lofou village - do you know who runs this, as I knew some people who moved to Lofou, AND they used to run an organic (before that word was invented) meze place in Limassol.
Okay question time, please  if that's allowed - does anyone know if somewhere called The Orange/Orangery ? or Octagon is still around, also the Fox, or Fox and ? in the vicinity of Dherynia ? Is that still in the Republic (south). If you ever used a checkpoint very near there in the 80's or 90's you might know of these places. Grateful for any info, and directions a bonus. Not sure if my hire car will have sat nav on my next trip, haha!!!
Keep up the good work on this great site, from Loz

Excellent write-up! Thanks for sharing. I've been to Lara a few times. There is an excellent tavern on top of the hill just before Lara, when coming from Pafos direction. It's called Viklari (or Last Castle signs are confusing). They do some excellent pork souvla. With a great view, it's nice being outside in the shadow of the grapes.



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