Diving Pictures from Cyprus


The Zenobia sinking

zen1 copy.JPG (27254 bytes) zenobia ferry on her way down.JPG (34942 bytes) zenobia ferry on her way down 2.JPG (35592 bytes) zenobia ferry on her way down 3.JPG (31401 bytes) zenobia ferry on her way down 4.JPG (27513 bytes)

Above are pictures of the amazing Zenobia, if you click on them you will see a full sized pic of her on her way down. She sank in Larnaca Bay in 1980  with no lives lost. There seems to have been a lot written about her which is a complete fallacy, such as 'it was her maiden voyage' but we have had a word with the chap that knows, and apparently she had problems before this one. To read more in depth stuff (so to speak) do check out Ian's account at Octopus.

She is nearly 200 metres long and completely intact. She has made a marvelous home for loads of marine life, and large shoals of Amberjack, Grouper and Barracuda are often encountered on her.

The Zenobia dive starts at 17 metres and bottoms out at 43 metres. But the depth to which you will be able to dive will depend upon your diving skills and qualifications.
She still has her original cargo including articulated lorries full of goods on board.

More Diving pictures below


Underwater divers.JPG (11317 bytes)


divers diving.JPG (19615 bytes)


deep sea diving.JPG (31932 bytes)


dive to a helicopter.JPG (14430 bytes)


dinghy at the bottom of the ocean.JPG (21602 bytes)

diver swims with fis and writes a letter in cyprus.JPG (27978 bytes)

diver swims with octopus in cyprus.JPG (22945 bytes)
fish swimming in the sea.JPG (42199 bytes)
helicopter wreck under the water.JPG (19957 bytes)


Depth of water around Cypr copy.JPG (72869 bytes)
            This map gives an idea of the depths around Cyprus


Extreme sports in Cyprus - Have an adventure on your holiday or even a lazy sail !


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