Mediterranean Fish

Below you will find some of the species of fish that you might encounter whilst diving or eating out in Cyprus. Some however are more tasty than others. If you do come across them in the wild and you feel the need to capture them, do it with your camera.....enjoy, and then send them into our pics page !

    Swordfish in Cyprus - xiphias gladius
           Sword fish  (Xiphias gladius)
      Scorpion Fish.JPG (18331 bytes)
    Scorpion fish   (Scorpaena scrofa )
       Red Mullet.JPG (8255 bytes)
       Red mullet   (Mullus surmuletus )
      Rainbow Wrasse.JPG (13213 bytes)
          Rainbow wrasse  ( Coris julis )

     2 Banded Bream.JPG (12625 bytes)
Two banded bream ( Diplodus Vulgaris )

 Common Stingray.JPG (12829 bytes)
 Common stingray  ( Dasyatis Pastinaca )

Greater Weaver.JPG (8073 bytes)
 Greater weaver (Trachinus draco )

Anchovy.JPG (7078 bytes)
  Anchovy   ( Engraulis encrasicholus )

Angler fish.JPG (10636 bytes)
Angler fish  (Lophius piscatorius)

       cardinal fish.JPG (10807 bytes)
Cardinal fish   (Apogon imberbis)

Tunny.JPG (8352 bytes)
Tunny / Tuna  ( Thunnus thynnus )

White Grouper
 White grouper   ( Epinephelus aenus )

  Sea Horses.JPG (14297 bytes) Sea Horse

shark6.gif (6597 bytes)


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