When the article below was written, nautical tourism consisted of those with yachts travelling up the Red Sea and through the Suez canal on their way to Europe and beyond. Cyprus was a popular stopping point and some would stay for quite a while and there was a vibrant community in Larnaca Marina.

Glafkos was the best director the Marina has seen imo.  Various nonsense ensued when yachting and boat ownership became popular locally as a status symbol, berths were scarce and scares to do  with privatisation (which still hasn't happened but was a great excuse many times over for extracting mucho filthy lucre) and EU vat scares, well to cut a long moan short, we did so well the thriving community left and went to the opposition, literally.

Now we have the same money making nautical tourism as the other European countries, you can charter a motorized gin palace and have a party.

Yacht and boat charter in Cyprus - shared, bareboat and skippered charter on sailing boats and motor boats.

Progress eh

Still don't have a ferry from Greece though since 2004

It's now 2019.

Written by Larnaca Marina Director
G.Cariolou C.T.O


1.Sea Approach to Larnaca Marina:

General approach chart: British Admiralty (B.A) .Ch.183 EAST MED. There are in general three main approaching routes (a) from the Aegean (Rhodes-Paphos approx.220 Nm or Kastelorizon(Meyisti)-Paphos approx.154 Nm., (b) from the Suez Canal (Port Said-Limassol approx. 200 Nm) and (c) From the Lebantine coast ( Israel,Tel-Aviv-Larnaca approx. 172 Nm, Lebanon, Jounieh-Larnaca approx. 110 Nm, Syria, Latakia-Larnaca 110 Nm.).

Official Ports of Entry. The following are the Official ports of Entry in the Republic of Cyprus: PAPHOS PORT: (B.A. Chart. 846 & 775) LIMASSOL PORT: (B.A.CH. 846 & 850). LARNACA MARINA & LARNACA PORT: (B.A. 846 & 851).

Night Landfall On an approach from the West (Rhodes, Kastellorizon (Meyisti), Minor Asia, common landfall : CAPE AKAMAS LIGHT: LAT: 35 Deg.05 MIN.15 Sec. Long: 32 Deg. 16 MIN. 55 SEC. WH.GP FL(2) 15 SEC. 17 N.M. If approaching from the South = CAPE GATA LIGHT:34 33.6N, 33 01.4E, Fl.5 sec., 58m, 15NM, If approaching from the East = CAPE KITI LIGHT:34 48.8N, 34 05.0E Fl.(3) 15 sec. 20m, 13NM, CAPE GRECO:34 57.2N, 34 05.0 E , Fl. 15 sec. 16m, 12NM.

2. LARNAKA MARINA (pos=34 55 05N 33 38 29E ) APPROACH Address: The Manager. Larnaca Marina, 6023 Larnaca, CYPRUS. Tel: +357-24-653110 or 24 653113, Fax: +357-24-624110,

Extreme caution must be exercised at Cape KITI. (B.A.CH.851) and DADES point (B.A. CH. 851) from very shallow reefs. A safe distance must be kept of at least 1 N.M. from the coast, or should sail at depths no less than 27 metres (90 feet=15 FATHOMS). Yachts passing Cape KITI or Cape GRECO must call "LARNACA MARINA" on CH. 16 and then immediately work on Ch.08 for yacht arrival information at any time. OR CONTACT the Marina VIA HF MARINE SSB Radio through "Cyprus Radio", which is listening on frequencies: 2.182, 4.079, 8.213.6, 12.351, 16.442, 16.466, 16.512, and transmitting on: 2.700, 8.737.5, 13.122.5, 14.564, 17.239, 17.386,. All in MHz.

3. After berthing all persons remain on board as the Marina co-ordinate the "FREE PRATIQUE" procedure. «Clearance» must be expected from the following departments: (i) Customs ), (ii) Immigration and (iii) Marine Police. In some cases (iv) the Health Inspector is also included in the team. Clearance takes approx. 15-30 min. Immediately after, the skipper is responsible to make an official entry with the Marina Authority by completing the particular document supplied by the Marina Boson.


The Marina is a controlled area with a 2 km security fence and 24 hrs gate control. No one is allowed thoroughfare without a Marina entry permit.


Upon arrival at first opportunity all yacht persons must present two passport size photos for every adult on board. Those are submitted to the Marina Office which issues a «Marina Entry permit», free of charge.


There are no Insurance regulations yet. Owners are however strongly advised to insure their vessel. A fully comprehensive coverage is recommended.


Use charts: Hellenic Hydrographic Service or British Admiralty charts: 183, 2074, 775, 846, 850 and 851 together with the British Admiralty Mediterranean Pilot volume 5.


The Larnaca Marina Navigation light has the following characteristics: Sector light. Red: 105 Deg. to 190 Deg. GP.FL (5) 15 sec 16 NM. Entrance Lights: red and green fixed. Emergency light: WH. Fl. 3 sec. Due to very strong nearby street lighting the Marina light is significantly obscured. By careful observation the light may be distinguished from a distance of approx. 3-4 Nm.

9. BUOYS: There are no buoys at the entrance of the Marina.

10. ELECTRONIC AIDS:  Vessels approaching Larnaca Marina from abroad, may use the following Radio Beacons:


NAME POSITION FQCY (kHz) CHARACTERISTICS LARNACA 34.49.16N 33.33.17R 267 L C A AKROTIRI 34.34N 32.58 1/2 E 363 A K ASHKELON 31.39N 34.34 E 245 A K E BEIRUT 33.54N 35.29E 351 B O D PAPHOS 34.43.06N 32.28.42E 328 P H A RHODES 36.25.10N 28.07.07E 339 R D S FINK 36.16.50N 30.09.30E 303.4 F R

CAUTION: STATIONS are ARE beacons. NAVTEX : CYPRUS RADIO: (518 kHz) TIMES: 02:00, 06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00 UTC.

LORAN is not reliable in the area of the East Med. and Cyprus. (SAT NAV TRANSIT SYSTEM): PASSAGE APPRX every 2 hrs.

GPS. The Global Positioning System (U.S.Min.Defence) is operating round the clock with at least 3 satellites at any time. The maximum total error observed in the area may be maximum 200 metres (normal: 40-70 metres). The Marina has a radio direction finding ability for up to 20-50 NM. on most of the Marine VHF Channels including the EPIRB fqcy 151.8 MHz. Vhf-DCS Facility: Will be installed. Not available yet (23-2-1999)


The Marina has an Amateur Maritime Mobile Radio facility. The Call sign is 5B4 MM. Operating: ONLY Upon request the Marina may follow up pre-arranged schedule with amateur maritime mobile stations. Common operation: FQCY (MHz) TIME (GMT) 7.040 08:30 - 09:00 14.313 09:00 - 10:00 21.380 10:00 - 10:15

Issuing an amateur radio license in Cyprus requires lengthy lessons and a pass mark on the final exams on most subjects. Licensed Amateurs from countries with a reciprocal agreement with Cyprus, may apply directly to the Radio Communications officer, Cyprus Ministry of Communications and Works, Nicosia, Cyprus for the radio licence or other related information. VHF radio usage must strictly comply with the Marina and International regulations .


At present (1999) there are two Marinas in Cyprus (Updated in 2014, still only 3 really with the newly finished Latchi although one might count Paphos harbour and now there is something at Zygi) . Larnaca Marina which is a part of the town of Larnaca and the Saint Raphael Marina (ex.Sheraton Marina) (tel:+357-25-321 100, fax:+357-25-329 208) in Limassol Bay (34 42 34N, 33 10 00E) , next to Moni power station. Berth reservation in both cases is absolutely necessary at least one year in advance due to an extreme demand pressure. (2104 - No longer true - sometimes now you can just give a call and there will be space)


In both Marinas (Larnaca and St Raphael), there are travel lift haul-out facilities. In Limassol (near old port) there are also a number of slipways that can lift vessels above 40 tons. The lifting capacity in Larnaca is 40 t. and in Limassol 60 t. LARNACA MARINA: Price per lift = 2.35 Cyprus pounds per sq.metre (Update in 2008 - 300 Euros for a 36' boat) (LOA by Max.Beam) (1/4/98 1USD= 0.53 Cy.Pnd)(1 Pound Stg=0.83Cy.Pnd)


The following services are available in Larnaca Marina: water, electricity, 220V 13A and 32 A, 50HZ (3 PHASE BY REQUEST).

Electricity is charged at 40% + on the metered reat.

A. Toilet/shower amenities B. Steel wood and GRP maintenance C. Chandlery D. Fuelling E. Mail delivery F. Food store and Mini Market G. Banking three min. walk from the Marina H. English and French speaking schools for youth and children. I. The centre of the town and the shopping centre is only five minutes walk from the Marina. J. Larnaca Marina mail re forwarding service etc.


The Larnaca International airport is only 10 minutes by car from the Marina (apprx.4km). There is frequent airport connection by bus and taxi service which are based only 2-3 minutes on foot from the Marina entrance. Car Hire is easy.


All fire arms on board are submitted to the Customs upon arrival.

17. PASSPORT CONTROL : Passports are kept by the Immigration Authorities, which issue Landing Permits.


All expired flares must be submitted immediately for disposal to the Marina Personnel. The actual use of flares in an emergency is governed by the S.O.L.A.S. agreement 1960 (red = danger).


Hyperbaric treatment facilities are very close in the nearby town General hospital. 10 min. by car.
( Double lock recompression chamber installed in late 1997 ).


At least 3 dentists are within 5 min walking distance from the Marina gate.

21. PETS

It is highly advisable for anyone planning to sail in foreign countries to avoid having pets on board. Yachts planning to visit Cyprus must well in advance inform the Marina or Port Authorities for the existence of a pet on board. Most of the animals must remain on board (under home quarantine), for 6 months before are allowed to exit the yacht. (2008 update, we hope this is now void for those carrying EU pet passports)


At the moment (1999) Larnaca Marina does not yet have a yacht sewage pump-out station. However it is one of our priorities to install all the necessary equipment to service yacht holding tanks. The Marina is already connected with the Larnaca Town tertiary biological treatment system. Yacht owners are very strongly advised not to use their yacht toilets when living on board but to use only the Marina toilet facilities. As soon as the Marina operates its own yacht sewage pump-out system, yachts without a holding tank will gradually be abolished or shall not be allowed to use the Marina of Larnaca.  (2008 update, there isn't an update)


Every foreign yacht arrival is registered by the Customs Authority as a « TEMPORARY IMPORTATION OF GOODS, » (C104 form) and granted a period of 12 months free of any taxation. This period may be extended up to a maximum of five years provided an application is prepared for the approval of the Director of Customs every 6 months. This is a comparatively simple procedure, which may be undertaken by the Marina authority provided the yacht owner is abroad or inconvenienced.

As a general rule foreign vessels may stay in the Republic of Cyprus for a cumulative period of 5 years without any taxation imposed. During this period foreign yachts may receive any yacht spare parts, duty free.

After the period of 5 years, vessels wishing to stay longer, must pay the necessary taxation which is approximately 10% of the value of the yacht or be re-exported.


The American Academy (English spoken) of Larnaca is only 15 min. on foot from the Marina. The Academy provides a very high standard of education to the ages of 4 up to 18 preparing students for American (TOEFL etc) and British Universities (G.C.Es). (This of course is an opinion)



TEL: 00357-24-653110   00357-24-653113   FAX: 00357-24-624110   TLX: (605) - 4500 CYTMAR 

e-mail:  E-mail the Marina here



Provisional reservation does not require any payment. Firm reservations, which are confirmed by the Marina, require a minimum advance payment of 90 days, which is not refundable.


Berthing:- Daily rate min 3 days as of May 2014 = Euro 6 + 15% vat  per metre per day.
Quarter year = Euro 51 per meter + 15% vat

Half year = Euro 85
per meter + 15% vat
Yearly rate= Euro 135 per metre per yr.



Dear Guest,

Welcome to Larnaca Marina!

We are very pleased to have you with us, in the Marina fraternity and would like to pass over to you the following information in an effort to secure a most enjoyable and comfortable stay .

1. Using the call sign "Larnaca Marina", you can call the Marina Office from 07:00 to 20:00 on the VHF CH. 16 and work on CH. 08. Round the clock, (24hrs, outside office hrs) you may call "Marina three" (gate control)_ for any assistance on the same channels. [As a general rule in all parts of the World], At night time, or at any time anything suspicious should be reported to "MARINA THREE" BUT SHOULD NOT BE CONFRONTED (or at least avoid)

2. (Hoist yellow flag at 12 NM from shore) Please remain on board until clearance is granted. Clearance is completed after the following AUTHORITIES will check you IN: (i) MARINA ATTENDANT, (ii) MARINE POLICE, (iii) CUSTOMS OFFICER, (iv) IMMIGRATION OFFICER , (v) HEALTH INSPECTOR. If in doubt, before you lower your yellow «Q» flag, please ask the Marina Attendant on VHF. Clearance usually takes 15 min. to half an hour provided you have contacted the Marina prior to your arrival.

3. If you did not reserve a place, it is highly unlikely that you can stay over 15 days, due to an acute supersaturation problem.

4. You have to submit a crew list (including: name, surname, passport number, nationality, date of birth) to each clearing authority. (you need 5 copies).

5. Always complete the various forms in capital letters clearly.

6. Immigration must take your passport and replace it with an official landing permit. WHILST STAYING INSIDE THE MARINA, YOUR PASSPORT MUST AT ALL TIMES BE KEPT BY THE IMMIGRATION. ALWAYS CARRY WITH YOU, YOUR LANDING PERMIT AND MARINA PASS. (This is a legal procedure, presently under serious consideration and it is highly probable to change in a way that passports will be immediately handed over to the owners as soon as the official clearance is completed.).

7. Customs must issue a C 104 form ("temporary importation of goods") upon your arrival, valid for 12 months. Keep it in a safe place. You need it for your departure or for an extension. If you arrive or depart outside office hours (07:30-14:30), on Sundays, or holidays, Customs is the only department which will require , an «overtime fee», to be paid by you. The total amount varies according to the salary scale of the clearing officer. However this amount should not exceed appr 40 USD. In order to avoid this unnecessary financial burden you are advised -if possible- to depart and arrive during weekdays and office hours (07:30 - 14:30)

8. As soon as you land, you must , obtain a Marina pass. (i) Submit two passport size photos to the Marina Office, (ii) write in block letters, behind one of the two photos, your name, surname, passp. no., nationality, yacht's name and your profession in CAPITAL. 9. You must leave your pass at the Marina Office before your final departure. ALWAYS CARRY THE MARINA PASS WITH YOU. If you do not have a Marina Pass, you will have difficulties in coming in and out of the Marina.

10. Any visiting guests friends or relatives arriving, must have your own approval, otherwise will not be allowed entry. In such a case, you must inform in writing the Marina gate, or receive them at the gate yourselves. Even so, they shall not be allowed in, if they do not have any identification documents.

11. The Marina has a very strict contract with the , Boat lifting yard. In this case you may not arrange lifting or launching with an outsider, with out the prior approval of the Marina Manager.

12. For any movements, activities, or works in the Marina, please inform the Marina Bosuns - attendants.

13. Please use the Marina Office for any assistance or information you wish to have.

14. Please notify the Marina Office at least 24 hrs prior to your departure.

Nobody steals in Larnaca Marina!. But in extremely rare occasions incidents of permanent "borrowing" have been reported! So please keep your valuables and the yacht itself , locked when not on board. Do not provoke eternal borrowing!

15. Before sailing out of the Marina, no matter how short a period this may be, or whenever you shall leave the yacht alone, or with someone else, please inform the Marina.

16. Always, before sailing out , have a vhf radio test. (at least 16,08,24,26,28).

17. With the slightest complain, or inconvenience, you must come and see us. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE AT ALL.

18. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Any vessel entering the territorial waters of the Republic of Cyprus:, north of THE 35th North parallel, which is temporarily under the Military occupation of the Turkish invading army, is considered as an illegal entrant, as free pratique can not be effected. Illegal entrants are liable to a fine up to 20,000 Euros., 6 months imprisonment and shall never again be allowed in to the Republic of Cyprus. Similar measures may be taken against these yachts in most of the Hellenic (Greek) ports. In 1974 the Turkish army invaded the north part of the Island. 2,000 civilians were killed and approx. 2,000 are still missing. 200.000 Cypriots are now refugees from the North. The only practical "defence" Cyprus of the half million can put up against the invasion of Turkey of over 60 millions are: (a) over 36 UN resolutions calling upon Turkey to withdraw, (b) the solidarity of the freedom loving nations and (c) legal measures like the above.

19. If you are fair and straight with us, we shall be twice as fair and straight with you!.

20. You will meet 3 Marina Attendants: MICHAEL, JOHN, and PAMBOS. They shall always be ready to help you. TONY is the Assistant Manager. LUCIA and MYROULA are the office attendants dealing also with communications , MARIA is the accountant and GLAFKOS was the Marina Manager.

21. Please try to see the Marina Manager or Assistant Manager, as soon as you take a rest and you settle down a bit. He will definitely be happy to see you and have a little talk about your possible problems, plans or questions.

22. How about some Hellenic (Greek) words.

No= OHI,    (H= Sounds like Hen, House, Home)
Yes= NE.


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