Civilisation in Cyprus


Well this month a reader taught me to really appreciate the good things that Cyprus has to offer. He asked to do a page for nasties in Cyprus, and so we did, however when we thought about it, there was not very much we could write on the downside. Well not that would affect a tourist anyway.

I am writing this from the Internet Fiesta in Nicosia, and on my way up to the big city, (to which I have not travelled for a while) I was impressed by the state and look of the roads. Safe barriers planted with greenery made the trip a pleasant one, so bravo to the ministry of works, or whoever is responsible for the idea and the implementation. I remember the days when the greenery was 'cleaned' from the roadside every year.

I am sitting in the exhibition hall, and across from me one of the many stands is ********* and a very friendly bar they run too. I fancied a coke with ice in a glass, so I went in to buy one, but no, everything is free for the fiesta. The link is just to show my appreciation. Whoops!! Three years later I have since learnt otherwise!!!

All in all, Cyprus has become a very civilised place, a fact I notice when I travel. People have the impression that because we are (geographically speaking )in the Middle East, that nothing will work properly, and they had better bring anti malarial tablets.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
For a country with a tiny population, the facilities are great.

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