Two women were talking over the garden fence in a country with severe water shortages. (Guess where ?)
Both felt that there was a huge wastage of water with veranda washing, car washing and so forth.
The first said that she only took showers now that they all had this
problem, the second admitted that she liked a bath, and couldn't really get on with showers.
The first thought to herself that this was dreadful. Here was her neighbour wasting water for a bath, while she was sacrificing hers for the good of the nation.

The other woman felt guilty, but didn't elucidate.

The feeling of self righteousness in the first grew until she would no
longer speak to her neighbour and a happy relationship was spoiled.

The facts were true enough in this scenario, what wasn't mentioned by either were all the facts.
Yes woman no1 had showers.........but 2 or 3 a day, whilst woman no 2 had a bath, after her children had been in it and only once or maybe twice a week, and so overall the most water was used by woman
number 1.

If this type of misunderstanding can happen on such a small scale between acquaintances, imagine how much it happens between nations !

Remember to investigate before judging (If you must judge).

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