Free speech and Plagiarism

Major British football club manager  Glen Hoddle caused a stir  by mentioning his personal beliefs to the wrong person.
It was his downfall.

The whole fiasco made me feel like suing the Church of England and the Pope, not to mention all the other powerful figures of the world who spout their beliefs in public.

As it happens the question of karma and reincarnation and the beliefs held by the poor man, are also held by most of the Hindu and Buddhist populations of the world.

He had insulted the disabled community....

I feel insulted that I am going to eternal damnation because I slept with my husband prior to our marriage.....

As it happens I don't hold them in such great esteem as the disabled population that complained hold Glen , therefore, I am not affected unduly by their opinion.  What flummoxes me, is why they should be bothered by anyone's opinion.           



For those who are wondering why our resident Astrologer is not long resident, here is an explanation....

I received a complaint from two astrological websites asking me to remove our weekly horoscopes, as they had been stolen from them.  I tackled our Astrologer, and.... it was so!   I asked him to apologise and he refused, making such excuses as ' they are all a bunch of crooks anyway, and they probably steal them off someone else'.    I was 'gob-smacked' !! 

My seven year old might make such and excuse, but I would expect that someone who makes a living from advising other people on how to run their affairs, and more importantly, what is right and wrong, would know better. .  I kept getting phone calls from him attacking us for doing the same as he had done, because "we didn't write all those pages, did we?"  Well, the answer is... Yes, and anything we used from other sources had been duly credited.  So sorry for the inconvenience Rams and Fishes, but we are trying to find a replacement.

We did approach another accredited Astrologer in Cyprus, but she was busy, and wouldn't, when asked tell me of any other Astrologers in Cyprus as her and our previous incumbent are the only 'bonefide', letters after their name astrologers and the other are all 'charlatans'!! 

So anyone knowing of an enthusiastic amateur who loves their 'craft', please let us know.


Free speech is dead and I didn't even realise it was ill.

The BBC, the perceived bastion of truth and information has joined the rest o the mainstream media and sold out to the warmongers, liars and foulers of the earth.


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