Monthly Meanderings no 4


I was in a small 'beripteron' (everything shop in Cyprus) the other day when I started talking to another customer.

" Take the number 6 and the letter A, then 12 - B, 18 - C and so on " he said
"Then add the numbers in the word computer, what do you get?"
     I thought about it for a moment............. "666 ?" I said tentatively

"Precisely" he said "I hate computers !"

I thought about it for another moment and then proceeded to lecture him
(You may have gathered by now that I do not hate computers)

"Well it would be interesting if one worked it out using the Chaldean numerology system, or some system that was in use at the time that Revelations was written, but as it is....... 6 is not a numerical system we use.....we work in base 10, it's just mathematical sophistry ! "
(although half a dozen and sixpence might give food for thought,  computers were actually invented when both were well used.)

So to all you numerologists out there a correlation, does it work in
any ancient system ? It does work with the 6 thing, we worked it out, but it's just rubbish!    Isn't it ?

Using this Table you can work out if you are the Antichrist....

A 6
B 12
C 18
D 24
E 30
F 36
G 42
H 48
I 54
J 60
K 66
L 72
M 78
N 84
O 90
P 96
Q 102
R 108
S 114
T 120
U 126
V 132
W 138
X 144
Y 150
Z 156


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