The New Millennium


Well we had a great Xmas at home and spent New Years eve in Larnaca Marina on the boat. We watched a fantastic firework display at midnight, overate, overdrank and then overslept.

I turned on one of the computers to see if they still worked at 11am, (I would rather know) and here we are on New Year everyone.

Now that this particular fear is over and the hype is played out, we can get down to some serious work. 2000 looks like it's going to be a great year in many ways, and if we can only work out some solutions to the damage that we are causing the planet....there is hope.

I think that the internet gives all the small voices an equal chance to be heard, and as well as a lot of rip off merchants, spammers, and killjoys there is a huge amount of goodwill out there in Cyberspace.

Our home has to be shared, together
in peace not in warring for boys
the grown ups must learn to be kinder
and quieten the din of white noise

The seas must be tended, not ravaged
the trees must be guarded not hewn
the land must be watered with kindness and wisdom
just listen to mother earths tune

She knows how to clean up her garden
and we can't let it wait till she must
or the light and the air that we're breathing
will go out and we'll stifle in dust

Please stand up and let your heart open
to the saving of this small round place
a home for the next generations
or d'you think we should just conquer space?

When we do what d'you think we'll export there
our greed? how to plunder and rape?
or can we still learn the secret we need to
that in this life we reap what we make.

We can say we're all equally guilty
or we're equally blameless instead
but when heaven is what we're all after
why should we wait till we're dead ?

The answer is waiting around us
the soil and the air and the sea
if we will take steps NOW to help her
she'll repay our good sense indeed


Have a good one
do what you can



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